Lunaria annua
Also known as Silver Dollar, Moneyplant and Moonwort. Would be the solution to our national economic woes if only its shimmery silver seed pod “coins” were legal tender. Honesty is a winter-hardy biennial with fragrant lavender flowers usually grown for its large coin-shaped seed pods that shimmer in winter bouquets. Sow indoors at 65–70°, grow on at 60° at night before setting out to a sunny location, or direct sow spring or fall. Depending on conditions, may not flower until second year. 3'. Our catalog traditions insist we make a remark here about Honesty and politicians but, oy, where to begin? At least you won’t need a Times exposé to get to the source of this money! Biennial. ~50 seeds/g.

5132 Honesty
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