Yellow Sweet Clover

Yellow Sweet Clover OG

Melilotus officinalisBiennial legume. Up to 6'. Vigorous clover for cover cropping and bee forage. Thick succulent plants make an excellent green manure. Long thick taproots are very effective at breaking up subsoils and improving soil aeration. They bring up phosphorus and potassium in the process. Bees love sweet clover. Seed at 10–20#/acre, 1#/1000 sq ft. Certified organic.

As cover crop: Plant in spring with a nurse crop of oats for weed suppression. Biennial: most growth will occur the second year. Chop the 6–7' stalks at the end of the second year and turn under.

Seed coated with Prevail™, an OMRI-Listed® pre-inoculant. Click here for OMRI certificate.

8046 Yellow Sweet Clover OG
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Clover is versatile, performs well in Maine’s cool humid climate and acidic soils, fixes atmospheric nitrogen, and attracts pollinators—what more could you ask for? The taller red clovers are better hay plants, as they have a more erect habit and greater biomass, and they dry more easily. Clover may be planted from late winter through early fall. Seedlings are slow to establish and will benefit from a nurse crop of oats.

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