Rivendell White Clover

Rivendell White Clover OG

Trifolium repens Perennial legume. Up to 9". Small-leafed perennial clover establishes quickly and withstands traffic and close mowing. More vigorous and slightly taller than Dutch White Clover. Seed early at 5–10#/acre, ¼# per 1000 sq ft. Certified organic.

As cover crop: At Treble Ridge we used to seed white clover between rows of plastic mulch in our market gardens. A weekly spin on the riding lawn mower keeps the clover under control and discourages annual weeds, practically eliminating the need to weed or spread mulch while keeping all the soil covered and protected from rain and wind erosion.

As perennial pasture: White clover spreads via rhizomes, giving it better tolerance to close grazing than red clover. Productive during cooler seasons when forage quality of grasses is often lower. Higher protein and better digestibility than red clover.

Seed coated with Apex™ Green, an OMRI-Listed® coating. Click here for OMRI certificate.

8043 Rivendell White Clover OG
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Clover is versatile, performs well in Maine’s cool humid climate and acidic soils, fixes atmospheric nitrogen, and attracts pollinators—what more could you ask for? The taller red clovers are better hay plants, as they have a more erect habit and greater biomass, and they dry more easily. Clover may be planted from late winter through early fall. Seedlings are slow to establish and will benefit from a nurse crop of oats.

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