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Barrelswarehouse walk-in sales only
9376 Tough, multi-purpose, lightly used barrels.
Fourteen-gallon barrels are in blue plastic with white lids.
55-gallon food-grade barrels smell like... read more
BeeHut Bee House
8961 An estimated 15% of the combined value of U.S fruit, nut, vegetable and field crop production can be attributed to pollination services provided... read more
BeeHut Reeds
8963 Larger size are for spring mason bees; smaller for summer leafcutter bees. Either bundle will fill one BeeHut (please note: BeeHut House sold... read more
Collapsible Drying Rack
9358 36" diameter round shelves of durable polyester in a metal frame. Center strap for improved weight support. Each rack includes 6 tiers that snap... read more
Harvest Baskets
9337 Old-time wooden lath and wire baskets in bushel, half-bushel, peck and half-peck sizes. Classic and effective. We sell hundreds every year at the... read more
Rubber Bands
9334 1# pkg. These are #64 size, ¼x3½", approximately 425 per pound. Useful for bunching broccoli, dried flowers, carrots, beets and scallions for... read more
Seed Envelopes
9322 Our reclosable seed envelopes, plain white with no logo. Use them for seed saving, repacking bulk seed or tucking away small objects. Two sizes;... read more
Tomato Stakeswarehouse walk-in sales only
8871 Hardwood tomato stakes, 1"x1"x6', bundle of 25. Pointed on one end. Locally harvested and milled hardwood (either ash or oak). Walk-in sales... read more


8187 Hydrogel formulation absorbs and holds water. The swollen crystals adhere to plant roots, reducing transplant shock. Safe, nontoxic, easy to use.... read more


10x15" Plastic Produce Bags
9343 Side printed produce bag will safely hold and transport food items. FDA-approved, this high density polyethylene plastic bag provides excellent... read more
12x20" Plastic Produce Bags
9346 Side printed produce bag will safely hold and transport food items. FDA-approved, this high density polyethylene plastic bag provides excellent... read more
Burlap Bag
9331 Untreated, holds 50# of potatoes. Also works well in market displays: soak thoroughly to keep produce damp and cool. Jute bags are approximately... read more
Cloth Produce Bags
9340 It’s 2020, and we see the future as plastic free, or at least heading in that direction! Instead of smothering your produce in wasteful single-use... read more
Mesh Produce Bags
9349 Red poly mesh with a fold-over stitch-sealed “Fresh Produce” label on one end of the 24" long bag. Fill from other end—will stretch to 8"... read more
Potato Bags
9325 Heavy paper bags for storing or marketing your own spuds. To avoid moisture build-up, 5 and 20# sizes have a mesh vent in front (bundles of 5) and... read more


Berry Shippersclearance
9355 Attractive corrugated boxes for holding eight quart-sized berry boxes. Perfect for harvesting, storing and transporting berries, tomatoes and more;... read more
Black Crate with Cut-out Sidesout-of-stock, SOLD OUT
9362 Great for storing the bounty of your harvest. Sturdy recycled plastic bulb crates. Pack ’em and stack ’em and take them to market or put them in... read more
Black Crate with Full Sidesout-of-stock
9361 Great for storing the bounty of your harvest. Sturdy repurposed plastic bulb crates. Pack ’em and stack ’em and take them to market or put them in... read more
Cardboard Berry Boxes
9352 Classic molded-paper berry boxes in half-pint, pint and quart sizes. read more
Sun Sugar Boxes
9353 An environmentally friendly alternative to plastic clamshells (which are difficult even to recycle any more, now that China is understandably... read more
Waxed Produce Boxeswalk-in only, Clearance
9370 Waxed produce boxes, bundle of 15: ½ bushel capacity.
12⅞x9¼x9". read more

Labels & Markers

Labels & Markers
Aluminum Label Tags
9310 Permanent all-weather 3" long by 13/16" wide tags with 9" wires, especially for labeling trees. Can write on both sides. read more
Labels & Markers
Artline Garden Marker
9316 Sharper than a Sharpie and leaves a lasting mark on bare wood. More resistant to fading than other permanent markers. read more
Labels & Markers
Cap Style Plant Markers
9304 Zinc-coated nameplates on galvanized steel legs provide permanent outdoor labeling. 10½" tall with a ⅞"x2½" horizontal nameplate. Comes with... read more
Labels & Markers
Field Stakes
9298 You won’t lose these variety markers in the undergrowth. Longer and thicker than the garden stakes, these untreated field markers are easy to spot... read more
Labels & Markers
Treated Wooden Garden Stakes
9292 Treated with non-toxic white paint, these are the official stakes in Fedco trials. At the end of the summer, names stand out clearly and the... read more
Vinyl Plant Tagsout-of-stock
9301 John Bunker says vinyl siding works so well as an outdoor label that “we should remove it from all the houses in the world and make it all into... read more
Labels & Markers
Wooden Pot Labels
9289 Untreated wooden sticks for labeling seedlings. Made in Maine from New England white birch.

A bundles are 6x¾" sticks; B cases are 5x⅝"sticks.

... read more


Fedco Lunchbox
9452 This metal lunchbox is as old-school as our catalog. The sharp Fedco Seeds logo graces a silver background. Perfect for bringing snacks to the... read more


LaMotte pH Test Kitout-of-stock, Clearance
9082 Contains color chart and mixing plate and enough reagent for 100 tests. Compare the color of solution to the chart to determine pH. Indicates pH... read more