Sun Sugar Master Trays


Sun Sugar Master Trays

These handy cartons are designed to securely hold all the different sizes of Sun Sugar Boxes. Even if you're not using Sun Sugar boxes, they make great flats for things like tomatoes, peppers, and cucumbers. A must-have if you’re delivering produce to a buyer or market that won't allow reusable containers for drop-offs and pickups.

Made of sturdy, corrugated cardboard that is totally recyclable and compostable! If you’re using pints or half-pints, simply pop up the 2 pairs of dividers to hold them snugly. We ship them to you flat, but they are wicked easy to assemble. Once assembled, they are stackable and interlocking. “FRESH PRODUCE sustainably packaged” is printed on the 2 long sides. “100% PLASTIC FREE / recyclable ~ biodegradable ~ compostable” is printed on the two short sides.

Depending on the produce type, delivery distance, and storage time, you may be able to pack a second layer of the smaller sizes in each master carton with no problems. Each one can carry up to 22 pounds of produce.

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