Sun Sugar 2 Quart


Sun Sugar 2 Quart

An environmentally friendly alternative to plastic clamshells (which are difficult even to recycle any more, now that China is understandably refusing to take our trash) or even the classic molded berry boxes, which are soaked in artificial dye and are bulky to ship both into and out of our warehouse.

These boxes are recyclable and compostable cardboard and they ship flat, so they are more fuel-efficient to move around. If better karma alone is not enough to win you over, they are also lidded and stackable so they do a better job of protecting your produce.

And they’re pretty, too! The vent holes are shaped like suns, raindrops, flowers and earthworms. Labels will affix to them more easily than to molded berry boxes. The larger boxes assemble in five easy steps (the manufacturer says that once practiced, you can fold 180 boxes an hour).

This listing is for 2-Quart boxes (great for strawberries, mushrooms, green beans, peas, and tomatoes!), which measure 6⅝ x 7½ x 3" (exterior dimensions assembled).

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9357 Sun Sugar 2 Quart
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