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4 and 5 Gallon Bucketsout-of-stock, Not Available for 2017
9243 You just can’t have too many plastic buckets. You know what to do with these. The four-gallon buckets are square, the five-gallon buckets are... read more
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Barrelswarehouse walk-in sales only
9246 Tough, multi-purpose, lightly used barrels. Fourteen-gallon barrels are in blue plastic and most have no lid. 55 gallon food-grade barrels smell... read more
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Collapsible Drying Rack
Collapsible Drying RackSupply
9229 36" diameter round shelves of durable polyester in a metal frame. Center strap for improved weight support. Perfect for drying flowers and herbs.... read more
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Harvest Baskets
Harvest BasketsSupply
9216 Old-time wooden lath and wire baskets in bushel, half-bushel, peck and half-peck sizes. Classic and effective. We sell hundreds every year at the... read more
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Nesting Block for Bees
Nesting Block for BeesSupply
8890 Houses for helpful bees! Designed for our native mason and leaf-cutting bees, important pollinators of blueberry fields, orchards and cucurbits.... read more
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Rubber Bands
Rubber BandsSupply
9213 1# pkg. These are #64 size, ½x3½", approximately 460 per pound. Useful for bunching broccoli, dried flowers, carrots, beets and scallions for... read more
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Seed Envelopes
Seed EnvelopesSupply
9204 Our reclosable seed envelopes, plain white with no logo. Use them for seed saving, repacking bulk seed or tucking away small objects. Two sizes. read more
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Tomato Stakes
Tomato Stakeswarehouse walk-in sales only
8796 Hardwood tomato stakes, 1"x1"x6', bundle of 25. Locally harvested and milled hardwood either ash or oak. Walk-in sales only. read more
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8184 Hydrogel formulation absorbs and holds water. The swollen crystals adhere to plant roots, reducing transplant shock. Safe, nontoxic, easy to use.... read more
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Avena Botanicals Face Cream
Avena Botanicals Face CreamAvena
9316 Moisturize, soften and restore your skin after it has been buffeted by wind and weather. Contains calendula flowers, comfrey leaves, linden... read more
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Avena Botanicals Heal-All Salve
Avena Botanicals Heal-All SalveAvena
9315 Soothe your garden-roughened hands with this salve made from comfrey root and leaf, calendula, St. Johnswort flowers, alfalfa, basil, borage, red... read more
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Burlap Bag
Burlap BagBag
9210 Untreated, holds 50# of potatoes. Also works well in market displays: soak thoroughly to keep produce damp and cool. Jute bags are approximately... read more
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Mesh Produce Bags
Mesh Produce BagsBag
9222 Red poly mesh with a fold-over stitch-sealed “Fresh Produce” label on one end of the 24" long bag. Fill from other end—will stretch to 8"... read more
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Plastic Produce Bags
Plastic Produce BagsBag
9219 Printed with the recommendation to eat 5 servings of vegetables a day. 10x15" bags in a roll of 2000. read more
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Plastic Produce Bags
Plastic Produce BagsBag
9220 Printed with the recommendation to eat 5 servings of vegetables a day. 12x20" bags in a roll of 1000. read more
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Potato Bags
Potato BagsBag
9207 Heavy paper bags for storing or marketing your own spuds. To avoid moisture build-up, 5 and 20# sizes have a mesh vent in front and 50# size has... read more
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1/2 Bushel Wooden Apple Box
1/2 Bushel Wooden Apple Boxout-of-stock, Clearance
9232 This classic half-height apple box holds about a half bushel of your beautiful produce. Great for market displays, and for transporting delicate... read more
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Berry ShippersBox
9228 Attractive corrugated boxes for holding berry boxes. Smaller size holds twelve pint boxes, larger size holds eight quart boxes. Perfect for... read more
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Black Crate
Black CrateBox
9231 Great for storing the bounty of your harvest. Sturdy recycled plastic bulb crates. Pack ’em and stack ’em and take them to market or put them in... read more
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Cardboard Berry Boxes
Cardboard Berry BoxesBox
9225 Classic molded-paper berry boxes in half-pint, pint and quart sizes. read more
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Waxed Produce Boxeswarehouse walk-in sales only

Leafy Greens box, bundle of 20: 1-1/9 bushel capacity. 19½x12⅞x11¾".
Produce box, bundle of 15: ½ bushel capacity. 12⅞x9¼x9".

... read more
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Labels & Markers
Aluminum Label Tags
Aluminum Label TagsLabels & Marker
9192 Permanent all-weather 3" long by 13/16" wide tags with 9" wires, especially for labeling trees. Can write on both sides. read more
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Artline Garden Marker
Artline Garden MarkerLabels & Marker
9198 Sharper than a Sharpie and leaves a lasting mark on bare wood. More resistant to fading than other permanent markers. read more
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Cap Style Plant Markers
Cap Style Plant MarkersLabels & Marker
9189 Zinc-coated nameplates on galvanized steel legs provide permanent outdoor labeling. 10½" tall with a ⅞"x2½" horizontal nameplate. Comes with... read more
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Chisel Point Marking Pen
Chisel Point Marking PenLabels & Marker
9195 Great for writing on garden stakes. Writing will remain clearly visible throughout the season. Black Marks-A-Lot chisel point permanent marker. read more
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Field Stakes
Field StakesLabels & Marker
9186 You won’t lose these variety markers in the undergrowth. Longer and thicker than the garden stakes, these untreated field markers are easy to spot... read more
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Treated Wooden Garden Stakes
Treated Wooden Garden StakesLabels & Marker
9183 Treated with non-toxic white paint, these have been the official stakes in Fedco variety trials for the past 16 years. At the end of the summer,... read more
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Vinyl Plant TagsLabels & Marker
9188 John Bunker says vinyl siding works so well as an outdoor label that “we should remove it from all the houses in the world and make it all into... read more
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Wooden Pot Labels
Wooden Pot LabelsLabels & Marker
9180 Untreated 6x¾" wooden sticks for labeling seedlings. Made in Maine. read more
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Fedco Lunchbox
Fedco LunchboxLunchbox
9309 This metal lunchbox is as old-school as our catalog. The sharp Fedco Seeds logo graces a silver background. Perfect for bringing snacks to the... read more
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Silica Gel
Silica Gel
Silica Gel
9201 Blue beads of silica gel—easier to use than the crystalline form—for drying seeds or flowers. Place seeds in an airtight container with gel to... read more
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LaMotte Model EL Garden Kit
LaMotte Model EL Garden KitTesting
8988 Measures concentrations of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, and tests soil pH. Kit contains enough reagent for 15 NPK tests and for 30 pH... read more
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LaMotte pH Test Kit
LaMotte pH Test KitTesting
8991 Contains color chart and mixing plate and enough reagent for 100 tests. Compare the color of solution to the chart to determine pH. Indicates pH... read more
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pH Paper
pH PaperTesting
8985 Brilliant colors indicate the full range of pH. To test the pH of your soil, take several samples from the area to be tested. Mix together... read more
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