Yaya Main Season Carrot - Organic


Yaya Main Season Carrot - Organic

Daucus carota
(58 days) F-1 hybrid. Nantes type. Tom Vigue says “unbeatable as a summer carrot.” Not yet a grandmother in the carrot world, relatively new Yaya is in the same quality class with Mokum and old favorite Nelson, a standout three straight years in our observation plots. In his stale-bed method carrot intensification project in Monroe, Maine, grower Mark Fulford achieved a yield of 254 lb from a 150 sq ft 4-row carrot bed using Yaya, more than 80% #1s. That averages out to 73,000 lb/acre, more than double the average carrot yield according to the USDA. Averaging 6", Yaya is slightly shorter-rooted than Nantes Fancy but more flavorful. Strong tops, good for bunching. Crisp clean sweet carrot flavor. Can be used for baby or full-sized carrots. Showed some tolerance to ALTS in our 2009 MA plot. Seed may have an organically certifiable coating.
OGThis item is certified organic

2092 Yaya - Organic
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Additional Information


  • ⅛ oz packet sows 35 ft; 1 oz, 280 ft. 1 gram packet has more than 400 seeds and sows about 10 ft.
  • Carrots average 18,000 seeds/oz with significant variations among varieties.
  • Days to maturity are from seedling emergence after direct sowing.

Culture: Very hardy. Early carrots can be sown by late April. For fall crop or winter storage, seed in early summer. Minimal germination temperature 40°, optimal range 75–85°. Can take up to 3 weeks to germinate; keep rows from drying out for faster emergence. Thinning is critical: At 3" high thin to ½" apart, at 6" thin again to 1-2" apart.


  • ALTS: Alternaria Leaf Spot
  • PM: Powdery Mildew
  • BR: Black Rot
  • TLS: Target Leaf Spot
  • LR: Licorice Rot
  • P: Pythium

ALTS shows up first on the oldest foliage as brown-black spots edged with yellow. Foliage blackens and shrivels as it develops and spreads. Maintaining a good crop rotation is the best preventive.

Germination Testing

For the latest results of our germination tests, please see the germination page.

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