White Alyssum - Organic


White Alyssum - Organic

Lobularia maritima
(60 days) Annual. Similar to Carpet of Snow, but slightly taller and organic! Widely recognized nectar source for beneficial insects. Growing alyssum provides nectar for hoverflies, which feed on aphids. We like to interplant alyssum with our brassicas, where they spill out from under a cabbage-leaf canopy. Start seed in cool place 6 weeks before setting out. Needs light to germinate. Transplant seedlings 4–8" apart. Easy to grow, likes sun, tolerates some shade. To extend their season, shear plants halfway back four weeks after bloom. Resistant to frost, will tolerate temperatures below 25°. About 2,370 seeds/g

4822 White Alyssum - Organic
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