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Wesley Winter Wheat
Wesley Winter Wheat OG Triticum aestivum This widely planted hard red winter wheat was a joint release from South Dakota, Nebraska and Wyoming, and is as hardy as one would expect given that parentage. Short strong straw resists lodging, but this variety is susceptible to scab and somewhat susceptible to fusarium. Plant at 100–150#/acre, 3#/1000 sq ft. Certified organic.

As food grain: Protein levels of 11-12%. The Wheat Quality Council calls Wesley “an excellent milling and baking wheat.” Intergalactic Brewing in San Diego brews a “Shut Up Wesley Wheat” beer, to the delight of Trekkies everywhere.

As feed grain: Protein approximately equivalent to barley, but with lower fiber content. Wheat is the best whole grain to feed to chickens and an ideal base for finisher and gestation rations for hogs. Highly palatable to ruminants but should be fed carefully to prevent acidosis. Wheat should not be finely ground before feeding: cracking or soaking is preferable.

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All wheats listed are certified organic.

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