Buckwheat Hulls
8397 An attractive economical sustainable mulching alternative. Cover your beds with a thin layer of hulls, ½–1" thick: it will look sparse at first... read more
Chocolate Mulch
8400 The only mulch that might sabotage your diet resolutions—it really does smell like chocolate! The shells of the cocoa bean make an excellent... read more
Hemp Tree Squares
8405 The magical medicine plant strikes again! These hemp-fiber squares block weeds and preserve moisture around the base of your young trees, giving... read more
8403 Standard Weight Roll. Sturdy dark brown paper provides a biodegradable mulch and weed barrier made from cellulose fibers. Porous enough to allow... read more
Woven Ground Cover
8406 Thick commercial-grade polypropylene fabric that deters stubborn weeds (like dandelions). Not organic, but not a throwaway product like the... read more

Season Extenders

Season Extender
Embossed Black Plastic Mulch
8418 Good all-purpose plastic mulch for cool-weather areas. Excellent weed suppression. Increases soil temperatures by several degrees. Put down a few... read more
IRT 100 Mulch currently on backorder
8421 InfraRed Transmitting plastic suppresses weeds nearly as well as black mulch and lets infrared light through to warm the soil beneath more quickly... read more
Season Extender
White on Black Plastic Mulch
8412 Upper white layer reflects sunlight back on the plants, increasing photosynthesis. Black lower layer blocks light to suppress weeds. Less solar... read more