Orchard Tools

Orchard Tool
Deluxe Picking Bucket with Harness
9001 Comfortable wide cloth straps disburse the weight of your harvest across your back and shoulders while you pick.

Foam-lined bucket has a Cordura®

... read more
Orchard Tool
Limb Spreaders
8968 These galvanized metal limb spreaders are more durable than the plastic versions we used to carry. Use them to establish optimal crotch angles on... read more
Orchard Tool
Ratcheting Loppers
9023 Lop with ease! These loppers use a simple ratcheting mechanism to increase the pressure from your grip by five-fold. One red handle and one black... read more
Orchard Tool
Ratcheting Pruners
9024 If you have arthritis or low upper-body strength, you may find pruning jobs a challenge. Simple physics to the rescue! These anvil-type pruners... read more
Orchard Tool
Tree Guards
8965 Spiral plastic guards protect tree trunks from mice and voles in the winter. Remove them from apple and quince trees during the growing season... read more
Orchard Tool
Tree Staking Kit
8969 Stake your claim on a healthy root system! Staking is recommended for dwarf and semi-dwarf fruit trees, trees in windy sites, trees that develop a... read more
Orchard Tool
Wheeler Pruning Saw
9031 John Bunker says, “Although not well known outside the orchard trade, this is the best all-around pruning saw there is. I never prune a tree... read more
Orchard Tool
Wheeler Pruning Saw Replacement Blades
9034 No matter how good the blade is, it prunes only 50 full-sized trees. Keep your Wheeler Saw in shape with spare blades. Bundle of three. read more
Orchard Tool
World’s Best Fruit Picker
8998 We’ve been through a few different models of fruit pickers: it turns out people are picky about their pickers! We introduced this one a couple of... read more