Compost and Potting Soil

Compost and Potting Soil
Vermont Compost Fort Vee™ Potting Soil
8371 Blond sphagnum peat, compost, vermiculite and coir with a blend of organic and mineral amendments. Widely used by growers who make soil blocks.... read more
Compost and Potting Soil
Vermont Compost Fort Light™ Potting Soil
8374 Blond sphagnum peat, compost, coconut coir, perlite, and a blend of organic and mineral amendments. Recommended for cell-tray seedlings. Warms... read more
Compost and Potting Soil
Bio365 BIOALL™
8368 A premium high-test potting soil. Formerly branded as GreenTree Ithaca Blend. Coir, sphagnum peat, and worm castings form the base of this... read more
Compost and Potting Soil
Superworm Frass
8351 (2-2-2), 16% Chitin. As if “darkling beetle” didn’t already sound like the nightmare invention of a fantasy novelist, the manufacturers of this... read more
Compost and Potting Soil
Vermont Compost Plus®
8353 Blended from composted manure and plant materials, blond sphagnum peat moss, granite meal, animal and/or protein meal, black rock phosphate, kelp... read more
GreenTree NoFloat™clearance
8386 Coir goes tech. GreenTree combines different size grades of washed and buffered coir fibers to an exacting formula that results in a high-porosity... read more
Compost and Potting Soil
Living Acres NP Germination Blend™
8377 A light-textured potting soil with extra perlite, screened to ½". Recommended for the smallest flower and herb seeds. Seedlings more than three... read more
Compost and Potting Soil
Coir Blocks
8380 This premium washed low-EC coconut coir is a biodegradable and environmentally sound substitute for peat moss. Compressed blocks of coconut fibers... read more
Compost and Potting Soil
Rice Hulls
8392 A great alternative to perlite in your growing medium—carbonaceous, renewable and less dusty to mix. May be included at up to a third of your... read more
Compost and Potting Soil
8369 Dan K., a faithful OGS customer with a flair for experimentation, developed this mix and was kind enough to share his formula with us. He says,... read more
Compost and Potting Soil
8389 Volcanic glass that has been heated until it “pops” like corn, resulting in a lightweight, porous and stable material. Widely used in potting... read more
Compost and Potting Soil
Raw Biochar
8348 Join the carbon-farming revolution. Biochar is the product of heating organic matter in a low-oxygen environment: instead of releasing the carbon... read more
Compost and Potting Soil
Coast of Maine Quoddy Blend™ Organic Lobster Compost
8356 Extra Rich Soil Conditioner for Flower & Vegetable Gardens. Blend of composted lobster, crab, peat, bark and cow manure. Rich in micronutrients.... read more
Compost and Potting Soil
GreenTree Ag Blend™
8365 All-purpose blend, light on the peat, with coconut coir, worm castings and a well-balanced organic nutrient package. pH 6.5 and EC 1.5 mS/cm.... read more
GreenTree Growers’ Blend™out-of-stock, substitute 8365.
8363 A lighter blend of coir, sphagnum peat and organic nutrients. Recommended for small seeds, early growth and any plants that prefer high air... read more
Rainbow Valley Compostout-of-stock, maybe May
8362 This top-quality compost, made in Sidney, Maine, from organic cow and poultry manure, comes highly recommended by farm advisor Mark Fulford. The... read more
Compost and Potting Soil
Worm Castings
8350 (0.5-0.5-0.3 avg. and trace minerals) Research at Ohio State University indicates that adding 10–20% worm castings by volume to potting mixes... read more
Compost and Potting Soil
Coast of Maine Penobscot Blend™ Compost & Peat
8359 75% composted salmon, mussels and wild blueberries with 25% sphagnum peat. Perfect for mulching trees and shrubs, or topdressing lawns. Adds... read more



No-Till Intensive Vegetable Culture: Pesticide-Free Methods for Restoring Soil and Growing Nutrient-Rich, High-Yielding Crops
9688 by Bryan O’Hara, 272 pages, 7x10, softcover. Bryan O’Hara and Anita Johnson have made a living growing vegetables for market at their Lebanon, CT,... read more

Amendments and Fertilizers


Azomite®, Micronized Natural Trace Minerals For Soil
8216 (0-0-0.2, 5% Ca) Named for its A-to-Z of Minerals including Trace Elements; contains over 67 minerals beneficial to plants and animals, including... read more
ZeoMax Garden Aid
8255 Zeolites are aluminosilicate lattices, derived from volcanic ash, that hold up to 55% of their weight in water in the small cavities of their... read more
Azomite®, Granulated Natural Trace Minerals
8213 (0-0-0.2, 5% Ca) Named for its A-to-Z of Minerals including Trace Elements; contains over 67 minerals beneficial to plants and animals.

A mix of

... read more
Hum-Amend Max
8240 Max out your soil health! This is a powerful soil restoration amendment designed to raise your soil’s cation exchange capacity while adding high... read more
BrixBlend Basaltcurrently on backorder, mid-end of April
8222 (49.3% SiO2, 13.3% Al2O3, 9.2% CaO, 5.7% MgO, plus trace minerals) A paramagnetic stone powder from the Pioneer Valley of Massachusetts for... read more


Shrimp Meal
8304 (A, B & C sizes 4-5-0, D size 5.7-10-0, both approximately 14% Ca) From USDA-inspected shrimp processing facilities. Cooked and dried at low... read more

Inoculants and Probiotics


BioOrganics™ Micronized Endomycorrhizal Inoculantcurrently on backorder
8175 Mycorrhizae form beneficial relationships with the roots of most plant species: they boost plant growth by improving the roots’ ability to take up... read more

Amendments and Fertilizers

Amendments and Fertilizers
Custom Mixing
8193 If you’re tired of ineffectively mixing fertilizers or potting soil ingredients together in a wheelbarrow or tractor bucket, let us do the dirty... read more

Seed-Starting Supplies

Seed-Starting Supply
Children’s Grow Kit
8785 An approachable starter kit for novice growers. Includes a packet of seed for each of a dozen crops (beans, carrots, popcorn, cucumbers,... read more
Seed-Starting Supply
Heat Mats and Precise Controllers
8840 A good heat mat makes the difference between success and complete failure when starting crops of tropical ancestry, including most Solanums... read more

Plant Protection and Pest Control


ThermX™ 70 Soil Conditioner Natural Wetting Agent
8714 A wetting agent and spreader-sticker, made from a liquid concentrate of 70% yucca solids. Increases the longevity and effectiveness of pesticide... read more


Soil & Seed Sieve Set
8914 A 12" diameter stainless steel frame with 3 interchangeable screens of 4, 5 and 10 mesh per inch. Use the small screen to prepare potting mix, or... read more

Amendments and Fertilizers


Ahimsa Organics® Neem Cake
8272 (6-1-3 avg) Pure full-strength neem cake—the residue of neem seed kernels after the oil has been pressed. Rich in the basic nutrients, nitrogen,... read more