BioOrganics™ Micronized Endomycorrhizal Inoculant


BioOrganics™ Micronized Endomycorrhizal Inoculant

Mycorrhizae form beneficial relationships with the roots of most plant species: they boost plant growth by improving the roots’ ability to take up nutrients, water and oxygen, and by improving soil structure. The world of beneficial microbial products is in a frenzy of mergers and acquisitions: this formulation comes from a smaller independent company that promises never to sell out. We can only hope!

Contains a blend of 9 top types of endomycorrhizal spores (Glomus aggregatum, G. etunicatum, G. clarum, G. deserticola, G. intraradices, G. monosporus, G. mosseae, Gigaspora margarita and Paraglomus brasilianum.) Spore count guarantee is a minimum of 40 spores per cubic centimeter. Water-soluble formula may be applied as a drench to turf or perennial plantings. Use 1 Tbsp in 1 gal water per 50 sq ft. May also be blended into potting soils at 2 Tbsp/cu ft; or sprinkled into planting rows at a rate of 1 tsp per linear ft. Do not use with fertilizers high in soluble phosphorus or with soil-drench fungicides, either of which would kill the spores.

8175 BioOrganics™ Micronized Endomycorrhizal Inoculant
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