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‘Fooled Me’
L772 Hemerocallis 24" tall. Outlandish 5½" flowers with golden-yellow bases, standout sienna-red eye-rings and matching picotee edges. High bud count and bold colors! Z2. read more
‘Little Business’
L704 Hemerocallis 12–15" tall. Dusky raspberry-red flowers. Fabulous paired in bouquets with Little Grapette and Siloam June Bug. Z2. read more
‘Little Grapette’sold out for orders received after 12/16/20
L705 Hemerocallis 18" tall. A small and mighty miniature grape-purple daylily. High bud count. One of our favorites for the front of the daylily border. Z2. read more
‘Mauna Loa’sold out for orders received after 1/11/21
L706 Hemerocallis 22"-tall. Fiery orange blossoms glow like active volcanoes but cool to a tawny orange. Tall and fascinating. Back by popular demand! Z2. read more
‘Pardon Me’sold out
L773 Hemerocallis 18" tall. Multiplies quickly and blooms till the cows come home! This unusually colorfast red daylily won’t fade or wash out in rain and sun. Z2. read more
‘Siloam June Bug’crop failure, out of stock to all orders
L707 Hemerocallis 23" tall. Adorable miniature golden-yellow flowers with dark red eye-zones and bright green throats. A joy in the garden! Z2. read more
‘Simmons Overture’
L708 Hemerocallis 24" tall. Giant lavender-rose flowers. Considered a “super-bloomer”—300+ blooms from established plants. Z2. read more