Red Noodle Yard Long

Red Noodle Yard Long Pole Bean

(90 days) Vigna sesquipedalis Open-pollinated. A pole or two of these, with their long pencil-thin 14–18" cascading burgundy pods, makes a stunning garden entrance that draws people in and excites curious inquiries. Not the earliest of Yard Long beans, but surely the most spectacular. An indifferent performer in chilly Central Maine, Noodle preferred the warmer day and night temperatures of Zone 5 hill country Massachusetts and does even better a zone or two south. Slow to produce, first ripening for me in MA Sept. 5, but once underway it never looked back. Loves heat and moisture. Keep it picked to sustain production. An intriguing Asian specialty whose strong unique indescribable flavor is brought out best by dry-frying in a hot wok with peanut oil, garlic and tamari. Stringless and most tender when young and thin. Must be trellised. ~ 200 seeds/oz.

322 Red Noodle Yard Long
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Culture: Legumes have moderate fertility needs. Excessive nitrogen may induce some varieties to develop vines in moist hot weather. Tender, will not survive frost. Plant 3–4 seeds/ft in rows 24–30" apart. Pick frequently for maximum yields, but avoid disturbing foliage in wet weather to prevent spread of fungal diseases. White-seeded beans usually don’t germinate as well as dark-seeded. Minimum germination soil temperature 60°. Optimal range 60–80°. Optimal temperature 77°.