Orangeglo Yellow & Orange Flesh - Organic


Orangeglo Yellow & Orange Flesh - Organic

Citrullus lanatus
(90 days) Open-pollinated. The most orange of watermelons, much favored by Glenn Drowns. 4

Not the sweetest of our melons, but its crisp tender bright orange flesh is juicy and refreshing with an almost tropical flavor. Adapted to the Northeast and every bit as good as Drowns promised, the striped oblong melons average 10 and often achieve 15 lb. Let them stay in the field an extra few days when the stem is drying because they reach full sweetness only when completely ripe. Large, plentiful seeds. WSU Brix rating of 10.7.

OGThis item is certified organic

1067 Orangeglo - Organic
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1 gram packet about 20 seeds, sows 7 hills; 116 oz packet contains about 40 seeds, sows 14 hills. 1 oz contains about 670 seeds.

Culture: Harvesting watermelon at proper ripeness is an art. Thumping should produce a low, hollow sound. Spread thumb and forefinger and press hard on fruit. If you feel any give, watermelon is ripe. Don’t heed the traditional advice to wait for the closest tendril to brown—that may be too late. Minimum germination temperature 60°, optimal range 75–95°.

Diseases: ANTH: Anthracnose, F: Fusarium

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