Joe Pye Weed


Joe Pye Weed

Eutrochium purpureum
Formerly Eupatorium purpureum. Also known as Queen of the Meadow or Gravel Root. A “queenly” native: stately, tall and beautiful, with dense florets of dusty pinkish-purple flowers and foliage that releases the scent of vanilla when crushed. At 5–9' tall, makes an impressive background plant and a good cutflower. Medicinally, the root is used to treat chronic irritable bladder, urinary infections, kidney stones, menstrual cramps and prostate infections. Also stimulates circulation and reduces inflammation. Does best in moist well-drained areas, full sun or part shade. Surface sow in spring or fall; needs stratification unless sown in fall; takes 3 weeks to germinate; direct seed or transplant. Perennial, Zones 4-9. ~2,809 seeds/g. Especially attractive to pollinators.

5150 Joe Pye Weed
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