Carnevale de Venezia Striped Mix

Carnevale de Venezia Striped Mix Morning Glory

Ipomoea purpurea Vigorous 6' climbers quite striking with their masses of white flowers, some with blue stripes, some with pink, some with both in a wide array of diverse patterns. The effect is more cheery and naive than the full range of exotic masks and costumes displayed in the annual Carnival of Venice. More like a carnival pinwheel handpainted in the ’60s. Plant them where they’ll brighten up your morning. Annual.

5276 Carnevale de Venezia Striped Mix
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Morning Glory

Easily grown climber with trumpet-shaped flowers provides color and shade, decorates fence or post.

Culture: Plant with eastern exposure for best results. Nick the seeds with a file and soak overnight to speed germination. Germinates in 2 weeks at 75–80°. Sow outdoors after danger of frost or indoors in peat pots as they resent transplanting. Overly rich soil will yield excess foliage and sparse blooms. ~25 seeds/g.


All flowers are annuals except where noted. All flowers are open-pollinated except where noted.

Days in parentheses after a variety indicate days to first bloom.