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Topically Applied

Topically Applied
Crystal Creek® Prism™
8575 Topical liquid for more challenging situations, including foot rot, puncture wounds, infected wounds and abscesses. Formulated with tea tree oil,... read more
Crystal Creek® Veterinary Dairy Liniment™clearance
8581 “Contrast therapy” liniment combines wintergreen, menthol and camphor in an aloe vera base. Supports circulation, soothes sore tissues and reduces... read more
Topically Applied
Crystal Creek® Wound Spray
8572 A soothing mildly antibacterial topical spray for minor wounds and abrasions. May be used safely on mucous membranes: recommended for pinkeye.... read more
Dr. Paul’s Dull Itclearance
8530 Herbal formula designed to numb pain and reduce inflammation. Recommended for dehorning or castrating young cattle, sheep and goats. Popular on... read more
Triodine-7out-of-stock, Clearance
8578 Effective affordable all-purpose topical disinfectant for surgical procedures and deeper wounds. Can be drying and irritating to skin. Use to... read more