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Compost and Potting Soil
Bokashi Bucket
Bokashi Bucketclearance
8324 The Japanese kitchen composting system known as Bokashi takes advantage of a microbial culture to accelerate the composting process and reduce... read more
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Coast of Maine Quoddy Blend™ Compost
Coast of Maine Quoddy Blend™ CompostCompost and Potting Soil
8325 (1-0-0) Blend of composted lobster, shrimp, crab, salmon and cow manure. Rich in micronutrients. Ideal for beds. read more
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Coast of Maine Stonington Blend™ Potting Mix
Coast of Maine Stonington Blend™ Potting Mixout-of-stock, clearance SOLD OUT
8329 A rich balanced mixture of sphagnum peat, coir, lobster compost, composted dark bark, dehydrated hen manure, perlite, worm castings, natural... read more
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Coir Blocks (1 cu ft)
Coir Blocks (1 cu ft)out-of-stock, clearance SOLD OUT
8348 Biodegradable and environmentally sound substitute for peat moss. Compressed blocks of coconut fibers (coir) that swell to eight or nine times... read more
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Coir Blocks (2½ cu ft)
Coir Blocks (2½ cu ft)Compost and Potting Soil
8349 This premium washed low-EC coconut coir is a biodegradable and environmentally sound substitute for peat moss. Compressed blocks of coconut fibers... read more
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Fort Vee™ Potting Soil
Fort Vee™ Potting SoilCompost and Potting Soil
8340 Widely used by growers who make soil blocks. Has good water retention and a long-lasting nutrient supply from the high proportion of compost in... read more
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GreenTree Ithaca Blend™Compost and Potting Soil
8347 Alice came home from the 2015 NOFA-NY Winter Conference with a sample bag of this New York–made potting soil and put it up against some... read more
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GreenTree NoFloatCompost and Potting Soil
8350 Coir goes tech. GreenTree combines different size grades of coir fibers to an exacting formula that results in a high-porosity growing medium. If... read more
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Rainbow Valley CompostCompost and Potting Soil
8331 This top-quality compost, made in Sidney, Maine, from organic cow and poultry manure, comes highly recommended by farm advisor Mark Fulford. The... read more
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Rice HullsCompost and Potting Soil
8323 A great alternative to perlite in your growing medium—carbonaceous, renewable and less dusty to mix. Also suitable for use in Bokashi composting... read more
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Worm Castings
Worm CastingsCompost and Potting Soil
8319 (0.5-0.5-0.3 and trace minerals) Research at Ohio State University indicates that adding 10–20% worm castings by volume to potting mixes greatly... read more
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Chocolate MulchMulch
8321 The only mulch that might sabotage your New Year’s diet resolutions—it really does smell like chocolate! The shells of the cocoa bean make an... read more
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Farm Seed
Dutch White Clover
Dutch White CloverClover
8031 Trifolium repens At 6", the lowest-growing clover. Shade-tolerant perennial. Our most popular clover. Seed at 5–15#/acre, ½#/1000 sq ft.

As cover

... read more
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Alfalfa Meal
Alfalfa Meal OGFertilizer
8268 (2.6-0.5-2.3 avg.) Excellent alternative to blood meal as a nitrogen source. Gives plants a noticeable quick boost and feeds soil organisms. Apply... read more
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BioNutrients™ Soluble AG
BioNutrients™ Soluble AGFertilizer
8291 (8-1-9) Provides a quick boost of plant nutrients (derived from fish and fermented plant extracts) fortified by humic acid and kelp and inoculated... read more
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Blood Meal
Blood MealFertilizer
8271 (12-0-0) Fastest release time of any organic nitrogen source. As a sidedressing, apply at ¾#/100 row ft 3 weeks after transplanting or 4 weeks... read more
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Fish Hydrolysate with Kelp
Fish Hydrolysate with KelpFertilizer
8295 (2-5-0.2) 90% fish hydrolysate and 10% liquid kelp concentrate provides all the N, P & K of fish and the micro-nutrients and growth hormones of ... read more
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Grow-Plex SP Humic Acid
Grow-Plex SP Humic AcidFertilizer
8304 Powder derived from Menefee Humates helps promote growth and vigor in plants. Small particles will hold and transport nutrients to plants as a... read more
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Humic Acids SP
Humic Acids SPFertilizer
8161 A dry soluble powder with humic acid concentration of 85%. Derived from the mineral leonardite. Humic acids are the wild-card molecules of soil... read more
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Karanja Oil
Karanja OilFertilizer
8593 Eastern tradition and Western utilitarianism meet again! Enlightened growers of veggies, fruits and medical ganja have convinced us to bring back... read more
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Kelp Meal
Kelp MealFertilizer
8280 Dried and ground seaweed contains trace minerals, enzymes and amino acids. An excellent source of naturally chelated elements. Brassicas respond... read more
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Kelp-It Soluble Seaweed Extract
Kelp-It Soluble Seaweed ExtractFertilizer
8301 Highly concentrated extract makes an excellent foliar spray containing growth hormones, trace minerals, enzymes and carbohydrates. One package... read more
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Liquid Kelp
Liquid KelpFertilizer
8298 Maine-harvested kelp, Ascophyllum nodosom, is a source of growth-promoting and -regulating hormones. Use when starting seeds to improve seed... read more
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Neem Cake
Neem CakeFertilizer
8316 (2-0.2-1) The residue of neem seed kernels after the oil has been pressed. Rich in the basic nutrients, nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, it... read more
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Neem Oil
Neem OilFertilizer
8592 Promotes the health and vitality of trees and plants. Neem has long been recognized for its antifungal, antibacterial and antiparasitic... read more
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Seabird GuanoFertilizer
8278 (12-11-2) Etymologically, the word guano is derived from the (indigenous Andean) Quechua word for poop. Biologically, guano is manure from bats or... read more
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Shrimp MealFertilizer
8288 (typical analysis 6-3-0, 14% Ca) From USDA-inspected shrimp processing facilities. Cooked and dried at low temperatures, then finely ground. As... read more
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Soybean Meal
Soybean MealFertilizer
8289 (current lot: 7-1.5-3) High levels of nitrogen and potassium are released as the soybean meal breaks down, providing fertility over time. Add when... read more
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TeraVita® Fulvic Acid
TeraVita® Fulvic AcidFertilizer
8162 A 2% fulvic acid preparation water-extracted from leonardite. This preparation has been filtered through a 200-mesh screen, so it will not clog... read more
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Digital Irrigation Timer
Digital Irrigation TimerIrrigation
9111 We should never encourage mindlessness, but now you can attach this to your drip irrigation and “set it and forget it.” Programmable, up to four... read more
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Garden Irrigation Starter Kit
Garden Irrigation Starter KitKit
9006 Garden row-crop kit is equipped with a Spigot-Connection Set and T-tape® low-flow drip tape for a uniform distribution of moisture along the... read more
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Teaming with Microbes: The Organic Gardener’s Guide to the Soil Food Web
Teaming with Microbes: The Organic Gardener’s Guide to the Soil Food WebBook
9516 by Jeff Lowenfels and Wayne Lewis, 220 pages, 6¼x8¼, hardcover. Part the dusty veil of classic soil chemistry. Move beyond the soil test and mind... read more
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Teaming with Nutrients: The Organic Gardener’s Guide to Optimizing Plant Nutrition
Teaming with Nutrients: The Organic Gardener’s Guide to Optimizing Plant NutritionBook
9517 by Jeff Lowenfels, 252 pages, 6½x9¼, hardcover. How do plants eat? What are the essential plant nutrients? Where do they come from and how do they... read more
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Livestock Supplies
Molasses OGSupplement
8406 Molasses is a common and cost-effective feed additive used for many purposes. Add it to your animals’ drinking water in cold weather, where it... read more
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Pest Controls
8634 Supplies beneficial bacteria Streptomyces lydicus, which will colonize the roots or foliage of plants and provide protection against disease and... read more
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Bonide® Liquid Copper Concentrate
Bonide® Liquid Copper ConcentrateFungicide
8604 A copper fungicide for the home gardener. Copper is a very effective fungicide, but regular use may result in problematic concentrations of copper... read more
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Companion® WP
Companion® WPFungicide
8638 When Serenade® discontinued their wettable powder formulation, we were pleased to find this substitute from Growth® Products. Companion offers the... read more
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8595 A potassium bicarbonate formulation to prevent powdery mildew, Alternaria blight, Anthracnose, black spot, Botrytis blight, Cercospora leaf spot,... read more
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RootShield® Home & Garden
RootShield® Home & GardenFungicide
8628 Trichoderma harzianum strain T-22 in a formulation for home-garden use. Trichoderma spp. are free-living fungi, common in soil and on roots, that... read more
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RootShield® Plus WP
RootShield® Plus WPFungicide
8631 Two strains of Trichoderma: T. harzianum strain T-22, and T. virens strain G-41. Protects roots against pythium, rhizoctonia, fusarium and many... read more
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8637 A bacterial fungicide, Bacillus subtilis, effective on a wide range of bacterial and fungal diseases of vegetable and fruit crops, such as early... read more
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8660 Azadirachtins A & B derived from neem oil. AzaMax is more processed than Neem Oil, but this liquid mixes more easily and isregistered as a... read more
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DiPel® DF
DiPel® DFInsecticide
8676 Dry flowable wettable powder. Commercial strength Bt, approx 32,000 IU/mg. Bacillus thuringiensis subsp. kurstaki is the active ingredient;... read more
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8688 Pyrethrin is a botanical insecticide derived from a chrysanthemum, Tanacetum cinerariaefolium, grown in Kenya and Tasmania, with low toxicity for... read more
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Safer® Caterpillar Killer
Safer® Caterpillar KillerInsecticide
8679 Liquid concentrate Bt. Bacillus thuringiensis subsp. kurstaki is the active ingredient; effective on cabbage worm, cabbage looper, larvae of... read more
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Safer® Insecticidal Soap
Safer® Insecticidal SoapInsecticide
8661 Biodegradable contact insecticide effectively controls mites, aphids, earwigs, lace bugs, leafhoppers, mealybugs, scale, spider mites, thrips,... read more
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8664 A blend of iron phosphate, a naturally occurring soil mineral, and snail and slug bait. Many species of snails and slugs are attracted to the... read more
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Sluggo® Plus
Sluggo® PlusInsecticide
8667 The addition of a small amount of spinosad (0.07%) greatly increases the effectiveness and scope of Sluggo. Apply evenly ½–1# per 1000 sq ft to... read more
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Orchard Pest Management
Tree Tanglefoot Insect Barrier®
Tree Tanglefoot Insect Barrier®Orchard Pest Management
8556 A very sticky substance made of castor oil, natural gum resins and vegetable waxes. Apply around tree trunks to prevent climbing insects from... read more
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Yellow Sticky Strips
Yellow Sticky StripsOrchard Pest Management
8583 Use as is for monitoring pests such as aphids, cucumber beetles, fungus gnats, corn root worms or whiteflies. Use with ammonium bait enhancers to... read more
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ThermX™ 70
ThermX™ 70Sticker-Spreader
8646 A wetting agent and spreader-sticker, made from a liquid concentrate of 70% yucca solids. Use as a soil penetrant to help plants make the most of... read more
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EM-1 Microbial Inoculant
EM-1 Microbial InoculantMicrobial
8175 EM or effective microbes, a combination of soil- and plant-borne microbes, developed by Dr. Teruo Higa who realized that an active microbial life... read more
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EM-1 Microbial Inoculant 1 L Past Date Retailout-of-stock, clearance SOLD OUT
8176 You learn something new every day. Today we learned that retailers shouldn’t order their microbial inoculants in April, after the spring rush, or... read more
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8178 Feed the soil, feed the plants. Apply Microbial Plant Mix to the soil to increase the number of beneficial microbes. Includes nutrients necessary... read more
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MycoApply All Purpose
MycoApply All PurposeMicrobial
8166 Granular formulation contains 4 species of endomycorrhizal fungi, 7 species of ectomycorrhizal fungi, 5 species of beneficial bacteria and a... read more
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Seed-Starting Supplies
Fabric PotsSeed-Starting Supply
8719 Non-woven fabric pots provide excellent support to growing plants while allowing air to flow through the pot walls, preventing root circling and... read more
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Precise Heat Mats
Precise Heat MatsSeed-Starting Supply
8751 Designed for the small commercial grower or home gardener. The heater consists of an Agritape heating element and a built-in adjustable dial... read more
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Soil Amendments
Aragoniteout-of-stock, Try Hi-Cal Lime as a substitue
8187 (94% CaCO3) Also known as oyster shell. A source of calcium that is very low in magnesium. If you have been using dolomitic limestone to sweeten... read more
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Azomite, Coarse
Azomite, CoarseSoil Amendment
8193 (0-0-0.2, 5% Ca) Named for its A-to-Z of Minerals including Trace Elements; contains over 67 minerals beneficial to plants and animals. A mix of... read more
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Azomite, Micronized
Azomite, MicronizedSoil Amendment
8190 (0-0-0.2, 5% Ca) Named for its A-to-Z of Minerals including Trace Elements; contains over 67 minerals beneficial to plants and animals, including... read more
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BiocharSoil Amendment
8199 Join the carbon-farming revolution. Biochar is the result of heating organic matter in a low-oxygen environment; instead of releasing the carbon... read more
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BrixBlend Basalt
BrixBlend BasaltSoil Amendment
8196 A paramagnetic stone powder from the Pioneer Valley of Massachusetts for remineralizing and enhancing the general foundational fertility of the... read more
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Essential® Plus 1-0-1
Essential® Plus 1-0-1Soil Amendment
8185 A high-powered organic blend of kelp concentrate, fish hydrolysate, potassium humate and yucca, designed to stimulate root-hair growth for... read more
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Granite Meal
Granite MealSoil Amendment
8208 Contains about 5% potassium in very slow-release form. Plants need potassium for sugar and starch production. Granite meal can be added to the... read more
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GreensandSoil Amendment
8211 “Greensand has been successfully used for soilbuilding for more than 100 years,” according to Rodale’s Encyclopedia of Organic Gardening. Also... read more
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Gypsum, pelletized
Gypsum, pelletizedSoil Amendment
8214 (Calcium Sulfate CaSO4•2H2O, 23% Ca, 17% S) Gypsum is a good source of calcium when the pH is already at a desired level. The sulfur in gypsum... read more
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Lime, Dolomitic
Lime, DolomiticSoil Amendment
8220 (8.5% MgCO3, 87% CaCO3) 100 lbs has the liming capacity of 116 lbs of pure limestone. Use to sweeten soil and provide calcium where excess... read more
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Menefee Humates
Menefee HumatesSoil Amendment
8223 Hundreds of millions of years ago the lush rainforests and tropical swamplands of Precambrian New Mexico produced plant matter that, through... read more
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Phosphate, Bone Char
Phosphate, Bone CharSoil Amendment
8226 (0-16-0, 32% P2O5: 16% available) Burned bone meal provides large amounts of readily available phosphorus. May be applied without restrictions to... read more
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Phosphate, Calphos Colloidal
Phosphate, Calphos ColloidalSoil Amendment
8229 (0-3-0, 20% Total P, 3% readily available, 20% Ca, trace minerals) This soft-rock phosphate is an excellent choice for calcium-deficient soils as... read more
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Phosphate, Tennessee Brown
Phosphate, Tennessee BrownSoil Amendment
8232 (0-1-0, 23% P2O5) Neither a colloidal nor a rock phosphate, but the consistency of rich soil. Comes from the washing piles left behind when... read more
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Planting Mixes
VegemightyPlanting Mix
8261 (3-2-2.5) The fertilizer formerly known as Bulb Planting Mix is still perfectly suitable for this purpose, but we are rebranding it to emphasize... read more
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Collapsible Drying Rack
Collapsible Drying RackSupply
9229 36" diameter round shelves of durable polyester in a metal frame. Center strap for improved weight support. Perfect for drying flowers and herbs.... read more
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LaMotte pH Test Kit
LaMotte pH Test KitTesting
8991 Contains color chart and mixing plate and enough reagent for 100 tests. Compare the color of solution to the chart to determine pH. Indicates pH... read more
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Hydroponic Shears
Hydroponic ShearsTool
8951 For trimming jobs requiring delicacy and precision. Stainless steel blades extend through the rubber-coated plastic handles, making these shears... read more
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Angelo 16 Lt Pressure Sprayer
Angelo 16 Lt Pressure Sprayerclearance
9126 The Angelo was our last-ditch attempt at offering a backpack sprayer for under $100, before we decided that value trumped thrift and switched to... read more
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Angelo Bergamasco Pump Sprayer
Angelo Bergamasco Pump SprayerSprayer
9123 Sturdy 2-liter (4.5-pint) plastic bottle and cap with brass nozzle. Locking trigger for continuous spraying. One-handed sprayer, excellent for... read more
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SOLO® Backpack Sprayer
SOLO® Backpack Sprayer Sprayer
9129 Like you, we are always seeking functional and reliable products at the lowest possible prices. In the case of backpack sprayers, that search has... read more
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Indoor/Outdoor Max/Min Thermometer
Indoor/Outdoor Max/Min ThermometerThermometer
9000 Battery-powered digital thermometer with large display for easy reading. Retains maximum and minimum temperatures indoors and out until reset. We... read more
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Soil Thermometer
Soil ThermometerThermometer
9003 Bi-metal spring with 1⅝" needle dial on a 5" stainless steel probe for monitoring soil temperatures at planting depth. Gauge the optimum time for... read more
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