Weeding Knife or Hori-Hori


Weeding Knife or Hori-Hori

Someone using heavy equipment could bend this digging tool, but no amount of prying in the garden will. Thick concave steel blade with beveled edges tapering to a point, one semi-sharp smooth edge and one serrated edge. The 6½" blade extends 2½" into the wooden handle to which it is securely riveted.

Susan and David’s favorite handtool, still in good condition after decades of hard use and benign neglect. Originally designed to extricate plants for bonsai from Japan’s mountains.

Good for prying out taprooted weeds, knocking soil from sods and weed clumps, planting bulbs and strawberry crowns, for general cultivating and for sawing small roots or heavy stems, though not as sharp as a knife or a saw.

Comes with a black vinyl sheath with a belt loop. 6½" blade, 11¼" long overall.

8908 Weeding Knife or Hori-Hori
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