Vetch, Hairy - Organic


Vetch, Hairy - Organic

Vicia villosa subsp. villosa Annual or winter annual legume. Up to 2' high; vines up to 8' long. Moderately frost resistant. Vigorous cover crop generates copious amounts of organic matter. Excellent nitrogen fixation. Its vigor can create problems, especially in the home garden: the tangled vines can clog even large mowers. Later planting allows for better control. Use a flail mower or scythe to cut it back in fall and incorporate the stubble in the spring before the regrowth becomes unmanageable.

Tolerates acidic soils and low fertility, but not poor drainage. Seed at 25-40#/acre, 1#/1000 sq ft. Raw seed; use with Field Pea & Vetch inoculant.

OGThis item is certified organic

8139 Vetch, Hairy - Organic
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