Blade is 5 ¾" x 3" tapered to a point, perfect for planting bulbs and transplants or digging up taprooted weeds. Overall length 12 ¼". Actual weight ~9.5 ounces.

8913 Trowel
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A: trowel $55.00

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Homestead Iron

Founded by Will Dobkins, Homestead Iron (“Sharpest Tools in the Shed”) is a small company in Squires, MO, offering a line of high-quality garden tools, crafted with skill and care. Each blade is hand-forged with C1075 high-carbon steel, precision TIG welded to a hand-forged shank. The hickory handles are sourced from a local manufacturer and finished with beeswax and linseed oil. These tools are study and long-lasting, designed to work well and to enhance the gardening experience. Note: these tools are carefully ground by hand to ensure a very sharp cutting edge; please keep away from children (except your grandchildren when they’re old enough to inherit them).

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