Timothy - Organic


Timothy - Organic

Phleum pratense Perennial grass. Up to 3'. A popular perennial hay species that produces good yields, resists lodging and is easily cut and cured. Harvest early, in the boot stage, to avoid stemmy hay. Leave plenty of stubble; timothy stores its energy reserves for regrowth in a corm at the base of the stem, which may be damaged by close cutting or heavy grazing.

Europeans noted it in 1711 along the banks of the Piscataqua river in New Hampshire. Named for Timothy Hanson who promoted its use as hay. Very winter hardy. Best adapted to clay or loam soils with lots of moisture. Does not tolerate heat or drought.

The seed may be drilled or broadcast. Seed alone or with winter wheat in the fall; in spring, seed with red clover or alfalfa. Seed at a rate of 12–15#/acre alone or 10#/acre when mixed, ½#/1000 sq ft.

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