Punch N Cut


Punch N Cut

Don't worry, this isn’t a tool for the bully’s arsenal. Three tools in one: punches holes in Mainline for Spot Emitters, cuts Mainline and Emitter Tubing, and inserts (pushes in) Spot Emitters (NOT for Drip Tape Fittings or ¼" Barbs, our Purple Punch is a better choice for those jobs).

Each tool in the Punch N Cut is an improvement on what we’ve offered before. Punching mechanism is easier on the hand muscles than other punches, and is quite accurate. Sturdy cutting mechanism makes square, clean cuts more easily and reliably than scissors or Felco pruners. Inserting mechanism (opposite end of tool from the punch) is more ergonomic than using bare hands to force emitters into mainline.

9195 Punch N Cut
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Drip Irrigation

Drip irrigation applies moisture where it is needed, at the plants’ roots, so it conserves water and does not cause mold problems. The drip method helps crops get over transplant shock and get established, and ensures adequate water supply until the rain comes. Also useful in greenhouses.

We recommend sketching your garden and proposed irrigation system before you order to ensure that you get all the pieces you need.

Click here for help in designing your own system.