Long Wire Weeder


Long Wire Weeder

Like a stirrup hoe, these weeders (available in both hand and long-handled models) make quick work of small weeds, slicing the stem from the root just below the soil surface. Unlike a stirrup hoe, they don’t have moving parts to wear down, and they are light as a feather—though plenty strong.

Made in Vermont by Two Bad Cats, a father-son team who engineer and manufacture well-made ingenious tools for the serious gardener and small farmer. These wire weeders are one of their most popular items. Not intended for hacking through tough roots or into compacted soil, so please don’t use them that way.

This long wire weeder has a 5" wide head and a 56" handle with a comfortable foam grip (overall length 60").

8894 Long Wire Weeder
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A: wire weeder $65.25

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Two Bad Cats Tools

Yankee ingenuity at its best. These nifty tools are designed and manufactured by Two Bad Cats, a father-son team in southwestern Vermont.

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