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Aragoniteout-of-stock, Try Hi-Cal Lime as a substitue
8187 (94% CaCO3) Also known as oyster shell. A source of calcium that is very low in magnesium. If you have been using dolomitic limestone to sweeten... read more
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Azomite, Coarse
Azomite, CoarseSoil Amendment
8193 (0-0-0.2, 5% Ca) Named for its A-to-Z of Minerals including Trace Elements; contains over 67 minerals beneficial to plants and animals. A mix of... read more
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Azomite, Micronized
Azomite, MicronizedSoil Amendment
8190 (0-0-0.2, 5% Ca) Named for its A-to-Z of Minerals including Trace Elements; contains over 67 minerals beneficial to plants and animals, including... read more
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BiocharSoil Amendment
8199 Join the carbon-farming revolution. Biochar is the result of heating organic matter in a low-oxygen environment; instead of releasing the carbon... read more
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Boron, Solubor DF
Boron, Solubor DFSoil Amendment
8202 (20.5% B) Boron is essential for all stages of tree growth and fruit set. May be used in certified organic settings only to correct a documented... read more
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BrixBlend Basalt
BrixBlend BasaltSoil Amendment
8196 A paramagnetic stone powder from the Pioneer Valley of Massachusetts for remineralizing and enhancing the general foundational fertility of the... read more
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Essential® Plus 1-0-1
Essential® Plus 1-0-1Soil Amendment
8185 A high-powered organic blend of kelp concentrate, fish hydrolysate, potassium humate and yucca, designed to stimulate root-hair growth for... read more
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Granite Meal
Granite MealSoil Amendment
8208 Contains about 5% potassium in very slow-release form. Plants need potassium for sugar and starch production. Granite meal can be added to the... read more
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GreensandSoil Amendment
8211 “Greensand has been successfully used for soilbuilding for more than 100 years,” according to Rodale’s Encyclopedia of Organic Gardening. Also... read more
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Gypsum, pelletized
Gypsum, pelletizedSoil Amendment
8214 (Calcium Sulfate CaSO4•2H2O, 23% Ca, 17% S) Gypsum is a good source of calcium when the pH is already at a desired level. The sulfur in gypsum... read more
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K-Mag Sulfate of Potash Magnesium
K-Mag Sulfate of Potash MagnesiumSoil Amendment
8241 (0-0-22, 11% Mg, 17% S) Langbeinite is a marine deposit of potassium sulfate and magnesium sulfate in soluble form. A good source of immediate... read more
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Lime, Dolomitic
Lime, DolomiticSoil Amendment
8220 (8.5% MgCO3, 87% CaCO3) 100 lbs has the liming capacity of 116 lbs of pure limestone. Use to sweeten soil and provide calcium where excess... read more
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Lime, Hi-Cal
Lime, Hi-CalSoil Amendment
8217 (95% CaCO3) The most common and most frequently used soil conditioner, lime is used to raise the pH of acid soils, loosen clays and help bind... read more
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Menefee Humates
Menefee HumatesSoil Amendment
8223 Hundreds of millions of years ago the lush rainforests and tropical swamplands of Precambrian New Mexico produced plant matter that, through... read more
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Phosphate, Bone Char
Phosphate, Bone CharSoil Amendment
8226 (0-16-0, 32% P2O5: 16% available) Burned bone meal provides large amounts of readily available phosphorus. May be applied without restrictions to... read more
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Phosphate, Calphos Colloidal
Phosphate, Calphos ColloidalSoil Amendment
8229 (0-3-0, 20% Total P, 3% readily available, 20% Ca, trace minerals) This soft-rock phosphate is an excellent choice for calcium-deficient soils as... read more
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Phosphate, Tennessee Brown
Phosphate, Tennessee BrownSoil Amendment
8232 (0-1-0, 23% P2O5) Neither a colloidal nor a rock phosphate, but the consistency of rich soil. Comes from the washing piles left behind when... read more
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Planter’s II Trace Minerals Fertilizer
Planter’s II Trace Minerals FertilizerSoil Amendment
8235 (0-0-0.09, 5% Ca, 5% S) Mined in Colorado from the remains of the great inland sea. Crushed and then pelleted with the addition of brewer’s yeast,... read more
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Sea-90out-of-stock, clearance SOLD OUT
8238 (sea salt with trace minerals) Sea water contains more life than an equal volume of the most biologically active soil. Extracted from the richest... read more
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Sulfate of PotashSoil Amendment
8244 (0-0-50, K2SO4 17% S) The most economical source of available potassium and a good source of sulfur. Apply at 200–500#/acre or 1#/100 sq ft. read more
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SulfurSoil Amendment
8247 Used to lower soil pH (make it more acidic). Lowering the pH of gravel paths will help control weed growth. Not fine enough to be spread as a... read more
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WollastoniteSoil Amendment
8248 (48% CaO and 52% SiO2) Soluble-grade and at least 95% pure (may contain trace amounts of iron, manganese and magnesium). Silicon is not... read more
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ZeolitesSoil Amendment
8250 These aluminosilicate lattices, derived from volcanic ash, hold up to 55% of their weight in water in the small cavities of their crystal... read more
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Zinc, Liquid
Zinc, Liquidclearance
8253 (10% Zn, 5% S) Plants deficient in zinc show delayed maturity and stunted new growth. Zinc doesn’t move easily through plants so they need a... read more
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Planting Mixes
Ancients Rise MixPlanting Mix
8266 Whether they be abandoned heirlooms or wild seedlings, tucked in the woods or growing alongside an old road, apple trees live on for hundreds of... read more
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Blueberry Booster
Blueberry BoosterPlanting Mix
8256 A blend of granite meal, sulfur, Tennessee brown phosphate, Planter’s II trace minerals and Penobscot Blend Compost & Peat. Brings down the soil... read more
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Bulb Planting Mix
Bulb Planting MixPlanting Mix
8260 (3.1-3.1-2.4) Developed by Fedco Bulbs for slow release of fertilizers. Use 1–2 tsp per bulb mixed into the loosened soil below planting depth.... read more
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Fall Fruit Tree Prep Mix
Fall Fruit Tree Prep Mix Planting Mix
8265 To prepare your land in fall or winter for spring fruit-tree planting, use this mix. Without digging a hole, spread one bag on an area 4–6' in... read more
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Fruition MixPlanting Mix
8263 A balanced fertilizer to keep your bearing fruit trees healthy and productive. Gypsum (to maintain optimum calcium levels to promote disease... read more
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Hole-Istic Spring Planting Mix
Hole-Istic Spring Planting MixPlanting Mix
8262 Recommended for fruit trees at planting time. Formerly known as Fruit Tree Planting Mix. Our own well-balanced blend of soil amendments in a... read more
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VegemightyPlanting Mix
8261 (3-2-2.5) The fertilizer formerly known as Bulb Planting Mix is still perfectly suitable for this purpose, but we are rebranding it to emphasize... read more
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