SOLO® Backpack Sprayer


SOLO® Backpack Sprayer

Our efforts to carry a backpack sprayer that retails for under $100 brought us nothing but grief in the form of quality complaints. So we sought shelter in the tried-and-true Solo deluxe model, which does not retail for under $100 but does offer an adjustable pressure cylinder, a brass nozzle, excellent parts availability and a solid reputation. Apparently it deserves its reputation—we’ve sold several dozen in each of the past few years and pretty much everyone has been happy.

We have learned that the black plastic piece that connects to the hose from the pump handle can be a bit tender: make sure the two white bolted plastic pieces are firmly tightened, and don’t pump the sprayer roughly. However, SOLO offers a pretty generous one-year warranty on this sprayer and will send you free replacement parts within that timeframe if necessary: just call them at 1-800-765-6462.

Four-gallon polyethylene tank. Horizontal spray distance 25'; vertical spray distance 20'. Diaphragm pump is suitable for spraying wettable powders like Surround, which will quickly destroy piston pumps. Please join us in eschewing cheap sprayers! Also, please do your part to extend your sprayer’s life by assembling gently and cleaning thoroughly after each use.

9231 SOLO® Backpack Sprayer
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A: (30#) $175.00 ($166.25)
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