Smart Cart


Smart Cart

The best garden cart on the market today, in our opinion. Weighs only 35 lbs and has a central balance point so that even when fully loaded it is easy to push or pull. Doesn’t tip over backward. The pan is made of high-density linear polyethylene impregnated with UV inhibitors to protect it from sun damage.

The heavy plastic withstands a lot of abuse: we use the pans for mixing hundreds of pounds of seed at a time, stirring with a hoe. The pan easily snaps in and out of the tubular aluminum alloy frame and has no bolt holes so it’s completely leakproof. Fedco Trees owns five primarily for moving huge loads of wet sawdust. The Trees operation could not manage without them! Fedco staff use them for hauling cut firewood out of the woods and moving rocks from garden to wall as well as hauling compost.

Assembly takes about half an hour; the parts fit beautifully. The Maine manufacturer offers a limited lifetime warranty on the frame and a five-year warranty on the pan, though under normal use the pan will last much longer. Spare parts are available from us.

Choice of two pan sizes: 7 cubic feet, total width 28" and length including handle 54½"; or 12 cu ft, total width 33" and length including handle 56".

Choice of two wheel types: 1) Solid rims with 4" wide, 16.6" diameter tires, rated for 600 lbs; excellent for hauling heavy loads, or 2) Wire rims, with 2" wide, 20" diameter tires for loads up to 400 lbs, preferred for uneven terrain.

You can also upgrade any Smart Cart to “flat-free” tires. Flat-free tires give a bumpier ride than pneumatic tires, but will save time messing around with the air compressor when you need to be hauling mulch. To order a new Smart Cart with flat-free tires, order E in addition to the Smart Cart. Order F or G to get flat-free tires and their rims for the Smart Cart you already own.

Please Note! These items ship directly from the supplier and will arrive separately from the rest of the items on your order.

The default cart color is green, so please let us know in the order notes if you prefer black.

9276 Smart Cart

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Item Discounted
A: drop ship - 7 cu ft solid rims $537.50 ($483.75)
B: drop ship - 7 cu ft wire rims $600.00 ($510.00)
C: drop ship - 12 cu ft solid rims $696.00 ($591.60)
D: drop ship - 12 cu ft wire rims $900.00 ($765.00)
E: drop ship - flat-free upgrade $70.00
F: drop ship - 2 flat-free tires 2 solid rims $201.50 ($191.43)
G: drop ship - 2 flat-free tires 2 wire rims $201.50 ($191.43)