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Folding Grafting Knife
8989 To shape a stick of scionwood for grafting, you need a knife that is beveled on only one face so the cut is as flat as possible.

We offer

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Grafting Kits
8971 The basics you’ll need to graft fruit trees (or any woody plants that can be propagated by grafting). Includes one grafting knife with... read more
Rubber Grafting Strips
8980 Rubber strips are more suitable for large grafts and supply more even pressure across the entire grafted area than grafting tape does. Doesn’t... read more
Treekote™ Grafting Sealer
8986 Water-soluble black asphalt emulsion for graft dressing. Dries quickly. Used extensively and successfully with any kind of grafting. (We do not... read more
Grafting Waxcurrently on backorder
8983 Primarily beeswax, with a few proprietary stabilizers added. Use to seal and protect new grafts from the elements. Does not need to be heated,... read more
Parafilm® Grafting & Budding Tape
8974 Very stretchy ½" or 1" tape holds graft union firmly together. Unlike PVC, Parafilm, a low-molecular-weight polyethylene product, is relatively... read more
PVC Grafting Tape
8977 Some grafters report that Parafilm® tape is not strong enough for larger grafts. PVC tape is much stronger than Parafilm and will not break down.... read more
All-purpose Budding Knife
8992 Pointed curved-end 2" stainless steel blade for cutting buds and slicing insertion slits in the bark of the host rootstock. Round-tipped solid... read more

Seed-Starting Supplies

1020 Trays

1020 Tray
High Domes
8830 Our regular domes are not tall enough for vigorous seedlings like cucurbits and tomatoes: these larger plants will be pushing against the... read more