Grafting Kits


Grafting Kits

The basics you’ll need to graft fruit trees (or any woody plants that can be propagated by grafting). Includes one grafting knife with single-bevel blade for smooth, flat cuts (plus it’s micro-beveled so it will hold its edge through sustained use); one bottle of Treekote Grafting Sealer to prevent the wood from desiccating; and one roll of grafting tape to secure the graft union: ½" Parafilm for bench grafting (Kit A) or ½" PVC tape for topworking (Kit B).

We include a sheet with instructions and illustrations for how to bench graft or how to topwork, based on whether you buy A or B. Try Felco pruners for trimming scionwood and rootstock and Silky Pocketboy saw for topworking (it has very fine teeth for clean cuts). Check out our Trees catalog for scionwood and rootstock.

8971 Grafting Kits
Item Discounted
A: bench grafting (3 lb) $37.50
B: top-work (3 lb) $37.50
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