Barley, Hulless - Organic


Barley, Hulless - Organic

Hordeum vulgare Annual spring grain. Up to 4'.

This barley is truly hulless, meaning you thresh it like wheat and it separates from the plant with no outer husk clinging on. Not having to remove the hulls means much less processing, which in turn means that all of the bran and germ are retained for maximum nutrition and depth of flavor. Compared to pearled barley, it takes a bit longer to cook, but we prefer the taste and texture of hulless! Our grower calls this variety "Tibetan Hulless," and it is said to have entered the U.S. in the pocket of a servicemember returning home from a tour of duty.

Moderately frost-hardy. Tolerates drought and alkaline or heavy soils. Does not tolerate wet or acidic soils. Fast-growing, it competes well with weeds and can mature faster than winter wheat. Some resistance to lodging. Ready to harvest as early as the end of July in Maine.

Seed as early as the soil can be worked at 150-180# per acre, 3.5-4# per 1000 sq ft. NEW!

OGThis item is certified organic

8006 Barley, Hulless - Organic
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