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Potato Chart Key

OG: Organically Grown
CS: Conventional Seed

      VE = very early
      E = early
      M = midseason
      L = late
      VL = very late

     W = white

      R = round
      L = long
      Ob = oblong
      Ov = oval
      OF = oval-flat
      F = fingerling

     L = low
     M = medium
     H = high


Scab Resistance:
      M = moderate
      G = good
      H = high

Certifier, state certification agency:
      NY=New York

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potato & plant
Potatoes at a Glance
Skin Color
Flesh Color
Scab Resistance
Adirondack Red 7250   M red pinkish-red R moist, firm M G G M
Anuschka   7637 VE yellow yellow R waxy H G H M
Augusta 7175 7640 E yellow w/pink eyes gold R waxy H G G M
Austrian Crescent   7600 M-L tan lt. yellow F waxy H G H M
Banana   7610 M-L yellow yellow F waxy H G H M,C
Bintje   7860 L yellow yellow Ob waxy H G M C
Blue Gold 7255 7760 E-M blue yellow R moist, waxy M G G M
Carola 7260 7770 M yellow yellow Ob moist, firm H G H M,C
Chieftain 7180 7650 E-M pinkish-red W R-Ob mealy, floury H F H M
Dark Red Norland 7190 7670 E dark red W Ob moist, firm H F H M
Desiree 7334   L rose red yellow L-Ov moist, firm H G M C
Early Ohio 7192   E tan W Ov moist, firm M G M NY
Elba 7345 7870 L buff W R moist, firm H E H M
French Fingerling 7120 7620 M-L dark rose-red yellow F waxy H G H M
German Butterball 7360 7880 L yellow w/ light russet yellow Ob medium-dry M-H E G C
Gold Rush Russet 7265   M russet W Ob dry, floury H G H M
Irish Cobbler   7690 E buff W R dry, creamy M S M M
Katahdin   7900 L buff W R moist, firm H E M M
Kennebec 7270 7790 M buff W Ob moist, firm H E M M
Kerr’s Pink   7795 M pink lt. yellow Ov floury, firm M G M C
Keuka Gold 7280 7800 M buff lt. yellow Ob moist, firm H G H M
LaRatte 7130   L yellow netted yellow F waxy H G G C
Magic Molly 7140 7625 M,L deep purple purple Ob moist, waxy H E G NY
Nicola   7810 M yellow dk. yellow L-Ov waxy M-H G G C
Purple Viking 7300 7820 M purple w/ pink splashes W R moist, firm H E H C
Red Gold 7195 7700 VE red yellow Ov waxy H S M M,C
Red Maria 7305 7830 M red W R moist, firm H G H M
Red Pontiac   7910 L red W R moist H E M M
Red Thumb 7160 7630 L red red F waxy M G M M
Rose Finn Apple 7170 7635 M-L pinkish-beige lt. yellow F waxy H G H M,C
Russet Burbank   7930 VL russet W L dry, floury H E H M,C
Salem 7323   M buff W R-Ob moist, firm H E G M
Sangre 7220   E deep red W Ob moist, firm M-H E G C
Satina 7225 7730 E-M yellow yellow R moist, firm H E H M
Strawberry Paw 7327 7845 M bright red W R moist, firm H E H M
Yellow Finn 7330 7850 M yellow yellow OF moist, firm M-H E G C
Yukon Gem 7228 7735 E yellow-buff yellow R-Ob dry, waxy H G H M
Yukon Gold 7230 7740 VE yellow-buff yellow Ov dry, waxy L E M M
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