200 Mesh Drip Filter


200 Mesh Drip Filter

As Robert Kourik points out in Drip Irrigation for Every Landscape and All Climates, “without a good filter, the [drip sites] can clog, rendering your investment of time and money useless.” No matter your water source (even municipal or clean well), you must filter it for drip irrigation. Routine cleaning of the filter is important, and extraordinarily easy with this filter: simply unscrew the shell that houses the filter, pop it out, and use a toothbrush to give it a quick brushing. 200 refers to the fineness of the mesh.

9110 200 Mesh Drip Filter

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Drip Irrigation

Drip irrigation applies moisture where it is needed, at the plants’ roots, so it conserves water and does not cause mold problems. The drip method helps crops get over transplant shock and get established, and ensures adequate water supply until the rain comes. Also useful in greenhouses.

We recommend sketching your garden and proposed irrigation system before you order to ensure that you get all the pieces you need.

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