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Low-growing Alliums

‘Cameleon’ Flowering Onion
‘Cameleon’ Flowering Onionsold out
6404 Allium oreophilum Bright rosy-pink florets change to white with rose midribs over time. Many show both colors at once, giving an overall pale pink... read more
Blue-of-the-Heavens Flowering Onion
Low-growing Allium
Blue-of-the-Heavens Flowering OnionOrdering closed for the season
6401 Allium caeruleum Gorgeous flax-blue florets form 1½" dense umbels. Hardy variety from Siberia gradually forms large clumps. Feed in early spring... read more
Lily Leek
Low-growing Allium
Lily LeekOrdering closed for the season
6402 Allium moly Flowering onion with bright yellow 2-3" upright umbels, naturalizing easily in sunny borders, rock gardens, light woods and under... read more
Pink Lily Leek
Low-growing Allium
Pink Lily LeekOrdering closed for the season
6403 Allium oreophilum Bright fuchsia-rose florets with darker midribs are held in a 2" semi-loose umbel. Lightly fragrant florets are larger than... read more
Small Allium Mix
Low-growing Allium
Small Allium MixOrdering closed for the season
6405 Allium A mix of fragrant flowering onions. Three of the shorter types, the yellow Lily Leek Allium moly , the rosy Pink Lily Leek Allium... read more

Medium-height Alliums

‘Graceful’ Flowering Onion
Medium-height Allium
‘Graceful’ Flowering OnionOrdering closed for the season
6407 Allium White florets have pale pink mid-ribs and stigma, with lavender anthers. Medium-dense 2" ball laden with florets looks mostly white, but en... read more
‘Purple Sensation’ Flowering Onion
Medium-height Allium
‘Purple Sensation’ Flowering OnionOrdering closed for the season
6408 Allium x hollandicum Dense 3-4" ball of deep violet-purple florets on sturdy stems. Wonderful as a cutflower, or lined along a walkway, or grouped... read more
Medium-height Allium
DrumsticksOrdering closed for the season
6410 Allium sphaerocephalon Dense ovoid 1–2" heads have a haunting color that’s hard to describe: burgundy, dark reddish maroon, or maybe violet-red.... read more
Sicilian Honey Garlic
Medium-height Allium
Sicilian Honey GarlicOrdering closed for the season
6409 Allium siculum This rugged beauty bears up to 30 delicate pendent bell-shaped ½–1" flowers on 2" pedicels, forming 4–5" spreading umbels, at the... read more
Star of Persia Flowering Onion
Medium-height Allium
Star of Persia Flowering OnionOrdering closed for the season
6406 Allium christophii The largest flower umbel of the genus, though not as dense as others, giving it a light airy appearance. 8–12" spheres of... read more
Wild About Alliums Mix
Medium-height Allium
Wild About Alliums MixOrdering closed for the season
6411 Allium A half dozen or more kinds of medium to medium-tall alliums in colors of violet, purple, blue and white; 2–4" sweet-scented umbels in early... read more

Tall Alliums

‘Globemaster’ Tall Allium
Tall Allium
‘Globemaster’ Tall AlliumOrdering closed for the season
6413 Allium Hundreds of deep lilac florets form a dense 6–8" ball. Magnificent long-lasting sterile flower attracts raves. Makes a remarkable dried... read more
‘Mount Everest’ Tall Allium
Tall Allium
‘Mount Everest’ Tall AlliumOrdering closed for the season
6414 Allium Like a giant 6" snowball on a stake. Sturdy, vigorous, and long-lasting, it’s the best all-white tall allium. Really shines. A pure white... read more
Allium Giants
Tall Allium
Allium GiantsOrdering closed for the season
6415 Allium Up to five different extra-tall flowering onions in this mix, we hope you enjoy these giants. A mix of varieties in white, reddish-violet,... read more
Giant Flowering Onion
Tall Allium
Giant Flowering OnionOrdering closed for the season
6412 Allium giganteum Densely packed 5–6" head of violet-purple florets opens atop a 3½–4' sturdy flower stalk. The tallest allium, it needs shelter... read more