‘Cameleon’ Flowering Onion Low-growing Allium


‘Cameleon’ Flowering Onion Low-growing Allium

Allium oreophilum Bright rosy-pink florets change to white with rose midribs over time. Many show both colors at once, giving an overall pale pink apple-blossom effect. Species from northern Italy and southern France; variety also spelled Caméléon, French for chameleon.

10–12" tall. Late Spring to Early Summer blooms, Z5-9. 4cm/up bulbs.

6404 ‘Cameleon’ Flowering Onion
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Additional Information

Flowering Onions

Alliums prefer full sun and well-drained soil.

The large Allium genus is characterized by small six-petaled florets held in umbels—which may be large or small, loose or tight. Sweet-smelling blooms make great fresh cutflowers or dried winter arrangements whether you cut them before or after the green seed pods form.

The same genus as all edible onions, garlic and chives. Most repel slithery, winged and legged pests—including deer, and only when crushed do they smell like onion.

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