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Colchicum speciosum - ECOOrdering closed for the season
6103 Colchicum speciosum Our grower describes this as “lavender-purple with some slightly bluish undertones.” Tall for a colchicum, like The Giant,... read more


Hardneck Porcelain Garlic

Uncle Fred’s Porcelain - ECOOrdering closed for the season
6231 Allium sativum subs. ophioscorodon This large 4–6 clove garlic saved us last year when we could not get enough of other porcelains to fill orders.... read more


Bearded Iris

‘Dreaming of Rio’Ordering closed for the season
6119 Iris x germanica Bright white standards atop sumptuous maroon to rich royal purple falls, each with the narrowest of white edges and a warm... read more
‘French Cancan’Ordering closed for the season
6126 Iris x germanica Soft pink standards and pale pink shoulders on the falls surround an outstandingly fiery-orange beard, all sitting above icy sky... read more
‘Harvest of Memories’Ordering closed for the season
6120 Iris x germanica Warm rich yellow self with a yellow beard. Appears slightly deeper in shadows and at petal edges. In some locations a rebloomer.... read more
‘Ozark Rebounder’Ordering closed for the season
6122 Iris x germanica Standards in shades from deep violet to purple to purple-black—exactly how dark depends on how the light hits it. Falls are... read more
‘Persian Berry’Ordering closed for the season
6123 Iris x germanica What color is this scrumptious self? We’ve seen it described as pinkish-lilac, bluish-raspberry, mauve-rose, lavender-magenta... read more

Siberian Iris

‘Caesar’s Brother’Ordering closed for the season
6314 Iris siberica Beautiful velvety deep rich cobalt blue lightly touched with white on the signals and gold on the hafts. Lots of pictures online... read more


Asiatic Lilies

‘Rosella’s Dream’Ordering closed for the season
6553 Lilium Soft white to cream petals sprinkled with freckles have blushing to bright rose-pink tips and edges. Moderately recurved petals on... read more

Martagon Lilies

‘Sunny Morning’Ordering closed for the season
6559 Lilium x martagon Burgundy to maroon freckles on a banana-yellow ground, these pendent 3" flowers have mildly recurved petals. Pale yellow on... read more

Miscellaneous Bulbs


Fox-grape FritillaryOrdering closed for the season
6615 Fritillaria uva-vulpis A narrow bell of dusky purple with touches of yellow inside, and slightly recurved golden-yellow petal tips. One or two... read more


Garden SnowdropOrdering closed for the season
6616 Galanthus nivalis Often the very first flowers here in central Maine, these delicate single flowers are a well-known and delightful sign that... read more


‘Valerie Finnis’Ordering closed for the season
6627 Muscari Racemes of pearly sky-blue fat florets naturalize well, slowly spreading their most unusual color.

6–8" tall. Mid Spring blooms, Z4-8.

... read more


Tall Narcissus

‘Holland Sensation’ TrumpetOrdering closed for the season
6518 Pure white petals with a giant golden-yellow flaring trumpet. Strong upward-facing blooms really stand out after most other Trumpet narcissus have... read more

Perennial Plants

Bleeding Heart

Old-Fashioned Bleeding HeartOrdering closed for the season
6305 Dicentra spectabilis Graceful racemes arch over clumps of attractive cut foliage. Distinctive pink heart-shaped flowers dangle in a row on each... read more


‘Patriot’Ordering closed for the season
6310 Hosta Deep kelly-green leaves with glistening streaky white edges. Lavender flowers on 26–30" stalks. Leaves to 7" long and 3–4" wide.


... read more
‘Wide Brim’Ordering closed for the season
6311 Hosta Forest-green leaves with broad pale yellow to butter yellow edges. Pale lavender flowers on 24" stalks in mid to late summer. Leaves to 8"... read more


‘Auten’s Pride’ Peony - OrganicOrdering closed for the season
6320 Paeonia lactiflora Large fully doubled flowers of pale to light pink, lightly touched at the center with shades of lavender. Outer guard petals... read more


Canaan CreamOrdering closed for the season
6901 Helianthus tuberosus Originally brought to Maine in the 1970s from Binghamton, NY, by Fedco’s founder’s father and Eco-grown ever since in Canaan,... read more


Midseason Tulips

‘Fremont’ Darwin HybridOrdering closed for the season
6815 Large white goblet-shaped flower with yellow base inside. Emerges from the bud with hints of pink, bluish-purple and yellow, and becomes more... read more
‘Muvota’Ordering closed for the season
6871 Maroon-red petals have broad dusky rose-gold edges that feather into the maroon. Rich color contrast draws you to it from afar. This member of the... read more

Late Tulips

‘Dordogne’ SingleOrdering closed for the season
6822 Large and handsome goblet-shaped blooms on tall stems combine raspberry-rose petals with lighter yellow-orange edges. Study this one up close, as... read more
‘Groenland’Ordering closed for the season
6831 Soft dusty rose-pink petals offset by soft green flames on the petal midribs. The green midribs of this Viridiflora feather off to a butter and... read more