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Midseason Tulips

‘Muvota’sold out
6871 Maroon-red petals have broad dusky rose-gold edges that feather into the maroon. Rich color contrast draws you to it from afar. This member of the... read more

Tulip Mixes

Burgundy and Gold Mixsold out
6855 A fascinating mix of lemon yellow and burnished gold with sultry maroon, burgundy and deep wine red; solids and bicolors with flames or edges in the... read more
Color Parade Tulip Mix
Color Parade Tulip Mixsold out
6851 A multi-colored mix of relatively short Kaufmanniana and Greigii tulips. Large bright low-growing flowers open wide in the sun, and perennialize... read more
Darwin Hybrid Jumbo Tulip Mix
Darwin Hybrid Jumbo Tulip Mixsold out
6859 A mix of yellow, red, apricot, white, pink and more. Long-lived bulbs produce large flowers for a long-lasting bouquet.

Darwin Hybrids are often

... read more
Darwin Hybrid Topsize Tulip Mix
Darwin Hybrid Topsize Tulip Mixsold out
6860 A mix of yellow, red, apricot, white, pink and more. Long-lived bulbs produce a perennially perfect long-lasting bouquet. Darwin Hybrids are often... read more
Double Early Tulip Mix
Double Early Tulip Mixsold out
6852 A sassy group for the front row of your garden beds and borders. Fully double flowers in bright colors atop relatively short sturdy 8-12" stems... read more
Double Late “Peony” Tulip Mix
Double Late “Peony” Tulip Mixsold out
6866 Pack peony-style petal power in a dramatic range of colors, from white and pastels to red and purple. Double Late tulips in solids, bicolors,... read more
Emperor Tulip Mix
Emperor Tulip Mixsold out
6853 A royal mix of big-flowered Fosterianas for big, bold, early color. Red, yellow, orange and more. We planted some outside the Fedco Trees... read more
Flash of Green Tulip Mix
Flash of Green Tulip Mixsold out
6863 A mix of four or more Viridiflora tulips, colors of china pink, scarlet red, lemon yellow and marble white, all with a distinctive spring-green... read more
Lily-Flowering Tulip Mix
Lily-Flowering Tulip Mixsold out
6864 High-waisted elegant flowers with pointed and lightly reflexed petals. Warm tones of red, orange, yellow, pink, and purple, for an eye-catching... read more
Non-Stop Reds Tulip Mix
Non-Stop Reds Tulip Mixsold out
6854 Celebrate spring with a long-lasting patch of bright red color. A blend of five or more varieties selected from early, mid and late tulips. Keep... read more
Parrot Tulip Mix
Parrot Tulip Mixsold out
6865 Riotous mix of colors that could match the squawk of the flock on Telegraph Hill. Red, white, yellow, magenta, pink, deep rose, and flames of... read more
Pastel Triumph Tulip Mix
Pastel Triumph Tulip Mixsold out
6856 Soft but not wishy-washy, just easy on the eyes. Pale peach, soft pink, lavender and more. This tranquil blend displays quiet beauty in the... read more
Princess Family Tulip Mix
Princess Family Tulip Mixsold out
6861 All the members of this family have the rich plum-violet rib flames and feathering of their parent, ‘Coleur Cardinal’, the well-known deep ... read more
Purple Rain Tulip Mix
Purple Rain Tulip Mixsold out
6857 Nothing Compares to U, so put on your Raspberry Beret and Let’s Go Crazy. Inspired by the memory of Prince, this mix of Triumphs in deep purple,... read more
Rembrandt-type Flaming Tulip Mix
Rembrandt-type Flaming Tulip Mixsold out
6862 Broken-color and flamed tulips, originally the result of a virus, were wildly popular in the early 1600s. Propagating infected plants is now... read more
Shock the Neighbors Tulip Mixsold out
6858 Our vibrant purple and orange combination will raise eyebrows among your neighbors who plant only red and yellow tulips. Huge Orange Emperor and... read more