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Narcissus Mix

Butterfly Narcissus Mix
Butterfly Narcissus Mixsold out
6503 Shades of white, yellow, orange and gold, many with sunbursts of color radiating from bicolor coronas. Softly ruffled Papillon Split Coronas.

... read more
Fragrant Narcissus Mix
Fragrant Narcissus Mixsold out
6505 A mix of sweetly scented hardy narcissus. Great for aromatic daffodil bouquets. Selected varieties, mostly Large Cup, Tazetta and Poeticus, to... read more
Landscape Narcissus Mix
Landscape Narcissus Mixsold out
6507 If you’re looking for a large splash of springtime inspiration that will last year after year, dig into our Landscape Mix for naturalizing and... read more
Mixed Doubles Narcissus Mix
Mixed Doubles Narcissus Mixsold out
6504 A round-robin mix of six or more Double narcissus varieties to ace the display, in the garden or on the tabletop, with perfect through-the-season... read more
Pink Narcissus Mix
Pink Narcissus Mixsold out
6501 Field-grown mix of lovely pinks to last all season. Mostly Large Cups, some Doubles and Trumpets; may include ‘Salomé’ which opens yellow and... read more
Rockgarden Narcissus Mix
Rockgarden Narcissus Mixsold out
6506 Small varieties for borders and rockgardens provide a season-long banquet of blooms. From the Jonquilla, Cyclamineus, Triandrus and Species... read more
Sunshine Narcissus Mix
Sunshine Narcissus Mixsold out
6502 From some bright and creative mind comes this mix with sunny two-toned cups. Narcissus of all colors are enhanced by cheery cup rims in red,... read more


‘Chinese Sacred Lily’
‘Chinese Sacred Lily’sold out
6251 Narcissus tazetta var. orientalis White petals with a golden yellow cup. Takes longer to root than other varieties and has fewer flowers, but its... read more
‘Erlicheer’sold out
6252 Narcissus tazetta Creamy white with a highly doubled center flecked with yellow. Reminiscent of Cheerfulness both in appearance and fragrance, and... read more
‘Grand Soleil d’Or’
‘Grand Soleil d’Or’sold out
6253 Narcissus tazetta French heirloom “Great Golden Sun” has medium golden-yellow petals and an orange cup. Light fruity scent. Takes a couple of... read more
‘Nir’sold out
6254 Narcissus tazetta All-white blooms have slightly larger florets than Ziva, with a more moderate fragrance. Nir also has more stems per bulb than... read more
‘Ziva’sold out
6256 Narcissus tazetta White flowers bloom early with strong musky spicy fragrance. Has the most flowers, and is one of the quickest to bloom, about... read more
‘Ziva’ Jumbo
‘Ziva’ Jumbosold out
6255 Narcissus tazetta White flowers bloom early with strong musky spicy fragrance. Has the most flowers, and is one of the quickest to bloom, about... read more
Indoor Narcissus Collectionsold out
6257 Narcissus tazetta Try a selection of different floriferous paperwhite selections. Our choice of varieties, all individually packed and labeled by... read more
Paperwhite Kit
Paperwhite Kitsold out
6258 Narcissus tazetta Decorative boxed kit includes three ‘Ziva’ paperwhite bulbs, a 5" round, 3"-tall white ceramic bowl imprinted with a classic... read more

Short Narcissus

‘February Gold’
‘February Gold’sold out
6509 Rich golden-yellow reflexed petals surround a deeper yellow long cylindrical ribbed cup with a notched and frilled rim. This award-winning... read more
‘Hawera’sold out
6508 Pale lemon-yellow miniature has 5–8 flowers per stem, cup slightly paler than perianth. Dainty pendent flowers have an airy delicate appearance... read more
‘Jetfire’sold out
6510 Long bright-orange ribbed cup, and reflexed golden-yellow moderately starry petals. Slightly scented, good for forcing, tolerates shade and makes... read more
‘Minnow’sold out
6512 Small flowers with buttercup-yellow cups; spreading petals are white to pale yellow, depending on weather and season. Usually 3–10 flowers per... read more
‘Sun Disc’
‘Sun Disc’sold out
6511 Award-winning fragrant miniature has 1–3 flowers per stem. Rounded overlapping petals open just slightly paler yellow than the cup, and slowly... read more
‘Tête-à-Tête’sold out
6514 Bright yellow petals, slightly reflexed, with a deeper golden-yellow cup. Generally 2–3 flowers per stem. Very popular, vigorous, and easy to... read more
Golden Bells
Golden Bellssold out
6513 Tiny starry golden petals practically buried behind an inch-long golden-yellow cup shaped like a megaphone, having a narrow base and wavy flaring... read more

Tall Narcissus

‘Actaea’ Poeticus
‘Actaea’ Poeticussold out
6537 Vigorous heirloom variety from before 1919. Rounded glistening white petals surround a small shallow red-rimmed yellow cup. Large flowers with... read more
‘Altruist’ Small-Cup
‘Altruist’ Small-Cupsold out
6527 Eye-catching red-orange shallow cup and unusual amber-tinted petals. Appealing color combination opens dark and gradually lightens. 1975 Award of... read more
‘Carlton’ Large-Cup
‘Carlton’ Large-Cupsold out
6520 Yellow petals back a deeper golden-yellow cup nearly long enough to be a Trumpet. Said to be the world’s most planted narcissus. Multiplies... read more
‘Congress’ Split-Cup
‘Congress’ Split-Cupsold out
6538 A broad orange flattened split cup fronts overlapping rounded bright yellow petals with a hint of green in them. This outstanding Split Cup... read more
‘Cool Flame’ Large-Cup
‘Cool Flame’ Large-Cupsold out
6521 Ruffled and flaring, the sun-fast coral-pink wide cup set off sharply against brilliant cool-white petals. Long flower stalks hold the flowers... read more
‘Dutch Master’ Trumpet
‘Dutch Master’ Trumpetsold out
6516 The Trumpet Master has large yellow petals and a straight trumpet with a flared and notched rim. ‘King Alfred’, introduced in 1899, has the name,... read more
‘Dutch Master’ Trumpet Exhibition
‘Dutch Master’ Trumpet Exhibitionsold out
6515 Exhibition size bulbs. The Trumpet Master has large yellow petals and a straight trumpet with a flared and notched rim. ‘King Alfred’, introduced... read more
‘Dutch Master’ Trumpet Landscape
‘Dutch Master’ Trumpet Landscapesold out
6517 Landscape size for naturalizing. The Trumpet Master has large yellow petals and a straight trumpet with a flared and notched rim. ‘King Alfred’,... read more
‘Fortissimo’ Large-Cup
‘Fortissimo’ Large-Cupsold out
6522 Huge golden-yellow overlapping petals with a giant-sized lightly frilled cup which opens apricot and turns deep burnished orange. Enormous flowers... read more
‘Geranium’ Tazetta
‘Geranium’ Tazettasold out
6535 Bright white overlapping petals with a smallish shallow vivid red-orange cup. Bred in 1930, this hardy outdoor Tazetta forms heavy clusters of 3-6... read more
‘Holland Sensation’ Trumpetsold out
6518 Pure white petals with a giant golden-yellow flaring trumpet. Strong upward-facing blooms really stand out after most other Trumpet narcissus have... read more
‘Ice Follies’ Large-Cup
‘Ice Follies’ Large-Cupsold out, try 6524
6523 Heavily ribbed very wide flattened cup opens yellow, soon becomes creamy white, with a frilled and notched rim. Pure white perianth. The... read more
‘Ice Follies’ Large-Cup Landscape
‘Ice Follies’ Large-Cup Landscapesold out
6524 Landscape size for naturalizing. Heavily ribbed very wide flattened cup opens yellow, soon becomes creamy white, with a frilled and notched rim.... read more
‘Martinette’ Tazetta
‘Martinette’ Tazettasold out
6536 Bright carrot-orange short cup, ribbed with a wavy rim, completely surrounded by golden yellow overlapping petals stained pale orange at the base.... read more
‘Mt. Hood’ Trumpet
‘Mt. Hood’ Trumpetsold out
6519 Opens marble white to slightly pale yellow, and turns to pure white in a day or two. Broadly overlapping petals and a wide-mouthed wavy-edged... read more
‘Obdam’ Double
‘Obdam’ Doublesold out
6529 Fragrant, showy 3-4" flowers open creamy with yellow highlights maturing to pure white. This sport of Ice Follies is like having sweet-smelling... read more
‘Pink Charm’ Large-Cup
‘Pink Charm’ Large-Cupsold out
6525 Ivory petals and a creamy white cup with a broad rim of deep coral-pink. Fluted cup has a ruffled rim to add to the charm. Some stems may have two... read more
‘Princess Zaide’ Small-Cup
‘Princess Zaide’ Small-Cupsold out
6528 Elegant specimen with broad white overlapping petals and a small white cup. Shallow, strongly ribbed cup has a wide frilly rim and a green gleam... read more
‘Professor Einstein’ Large-Cup
‘Professor Einstein’ Large-Cupsold out
6526 Scarlet-orange cup is a broad, open disk with fine ridges and a lightly notched rim. Rounded overlapping brilliant white petals. Plant in partial... read more
‘Rosy Cloud’ Double
‘Rosy Cloud’ Doublesold out
6530 Large double flowers 4" across have wavy pale pink cup segments, each lightly touched with gold, interspersed with creamy petal segments and... read more
‘Sir Winston Churchill’ Double
‘Sir Winston Churchill’ Doublesold out
6531 Double flowers 3" across are full of creamy white petals interspersed with orange flecks. Fragrant blossoms come 3-5 per stem. A sport ofGeranium... read more
‘Tahiti’ Double
‘Tahiti’ Doublesold out
6532 Rich golden-yellow doubled perianth layered with lush bright gold and red-orange segments. Large long-lasting blooms with standout color and... read more
‘Thalia’ Triandrus
‘Thalia’ Triandrussold out
6534 Lightly fragrant flowers are milky white throughout; one of the few white narcissus to open with no yellow tones. Delicate narrow slightly... read more
‘Yellow Cheerfulness’ Double
‘Yellow Cheerfulness’ Doublesold out
6533 Soft yellow gardenia-like double blooms, 2½" across, with subtle flecks of soft orange and a sublime scent. 2-4 per stem. Sport of Cheerfulness,... read more