Sicilian Honey Garlic Medium-height Allium


Sicilian Honey Garlic Medium-height Allium

Allium siculum This rugged beauty bears up to 30 delicate pendent bell-shaped ½–1" flowers on 2" pedicels, forming 4–5" spreading umbels, at the top of slightly arching stems. The cream-colored florets are tinged purplish-rose. Sharply keeled 12–16" blue-grey twisting basal leaves smell of garlic only when crushed.

Also called Mediterranean Bells. Former botanical names include Allium bulgaricum and Nectaroscordum siculum, among others. Native from Provence and Sicily, along the north shores of the Mediterranean, and up into Bulgaria, where it is used as a seasoning. Plant in sun to semi-shade. Needs protection to overwinter in colder zones.

24–36" tall. Late Spring to Early Summer blooms, Z5-9. 8-10cm bulbs.

6409 Sicilian Honey Garlic
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Flowering Onions

The large Allium genus is characterized by small six-petaled florets held in umbels—large or small, loose or tight. Sweet-smelling blooms make great fresh cutflowers or dried winter arrangements whether you cut them before or after the green seed pods form.

Belonging to the same genus as all edible onions, garlic and chives, alliums prefer full sun and well-drained soil. Most repel slithery, winged and legged pests—including deer—and only when crushed do they smell like onion.

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