Certified Seed Potatoes

moose certified - bottom imageAll certified seed potatoes start as disease-free clones and are sold to seed growers as minitubers. In Maine, seed potato growers are allowed to replant for four years before they need to start again with disease-free stock. Each year during the growing season farmers seeking certification have their fields inspected for viral and bacterial diseases. After harvest the farmers send samples end samples of each variety to Hawaii and elsewhere, where they are grown out and tested for viruses. To be labeled and sold as certified potato seed, lots need to be 100% free of certain pathogens and at least 95% free of others.

We sell only certified potato seed.

We also offer many varieties that are certified organic. Their growers have met both the standards of potato seed certification and the standards of organic production.

None of our varieties is genetically engineered. Click here for Fedco’s policy on GMOs.

Our potatoes come from several sources: well-established conventional growers in Maine’s Aroostook County, in West Virginia and Colorado. We have at least five suppliers for certified organic varieties.