Early Tulips

‘Abba’sold out
6803 Stunning full ruffled Double Early with glowing current-red petals and slightly darker ribs. Contrasting yellow base and black stamens hidden... read more
‘Apricot Beauty’ Single
‘Apricot Beauty’ Singlesold out
6801 Soft apricot-pink petals tinged with rose and salmon with an uncommon light green base. Fragrant, truly lovely, good for forcing, and one of the... read more
‘Purple Prince’ Single
‘Purple Prince’ Singlesold out
6802 Deep bluish-purple with dusky lilac flames, reddish-purple inside. Large flowers with a scalloped edge. Complex color mixes well with others.

... read more
‘Red Emperor’ Fosteriana
‘Red Emperor’ Fosterianasold out
6804 Huge blooms of fiery red with enormously long petals on a black and yellow base. One of the all-time favorites; also known as ‘Madame Lefebre’.... read more

Midseason Tulips

‘Brown Sugar’ Triumph
‘Brown Sugar’ Triumphsold out
6805 Plum-red matte petals have caramel-apricot edges. A delicious standout, lightly fragrant. Pair its warm orangey sunset glow with oranges or... read more
‘Cape Town’ Triumph
‘Cape Town’ Triumphsold out
6806 Alluring lemon-yellow petals with brushed red edges which start fine and broaden with time. Rounded tops sometimes have wavy edges.

15–17" tall.

... read more
‘Cassini’ Triumph
‘Cassini’ Triumphsold out
6807 Lightly fragrant deep crimson-red goblet-shaped flowers. Long-lasting in garden or vase.

16–20" tall. Mid Spring blooms, Z3-7, 12cm/up bulbs.

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‘Daydream’ Darwin Hybrid
‘Daydream’ Darwin Hybridsold out
6814 Opens yellow, matures to rich apricot, with hints and blushes of yellow and rose. Fragrant. Stunning, says Gene.

Darwin Hybrids are often sold as

... read more
‘Flaming Flag’ Triumph
‘Flaming Flag’ Triumphsold out
6808 Enormous glistening white petals wave subtle purple blushes and sharp purple flames. Like a Rembrandt tulip; no two exactly the same.

16–18" tall.

... read more
‘Fremont’ Darwin Hybrid
‘Fremont’ Darwin Hybridsold out
6815 Large white goblet-shaped flower with yellow base inside. Emerges from the bud with hints of pink, bluish-purple and yellow, and becomes more... read more
‘Golden Oxford’ Darwin Hybrid
‘Golden Oxford’ Darwin Hybridsold out
6816 Big bold golden-yellow flowers, often touched with a fine red rim. Pair it with ‘Oxford’ for a quintessential tulip combination.

Darwin Hybrids

... read more
‘Gudoshnik’ Darwin Hybrid
‘Gudoshnik’ Darwin Hybridsold out
6817 Creamy yellow with varying amounts of red streaks, dapples and flames, becoming more saturated as each flower matures. No two are alike; one of... read more
‘Helmar’ Triumph
‘Helmar’ Triumphsold out
6809 Bold ruby-red flames on golden-yellow petals, both inside and out. A striking show in mid spring.

16–18" tall. Mid Spring blooms, Z3-7, 12cm/up

... read more
‘Muvota’sold out
6871 Maroon-red petals have broad dusky rose-gold edges that feather into the maroon. Rich color contrast draws you to it from afar. This member of the... read more
‘Ollioules’ Darwin Hybrid
‘Ollioules’ Darwin Hybridsold out
6818 Pinky cream flowers are heavily brushed with silvery pink and lavender. Edges mature to a silvery white. Wonderfully elegant. Ollioules (ole-yule)... read more
‘Oxford’ Darwin Hybrid
‘Oxford’ Darwin Hybridsold out
6819 Bright scarlet blooms with a purple-red blush on the outside. Rich mustard-yellow base inside is brilliantly contrasted by the black stamens.

... read more
‘Passionale’ Triumph
‘Passionale’ Triumphsold out
6810 Purple with lilac-purple blush and deeper purple flames, beetroot interior with a yellow base.

14–16" tall. Mid Spring blooms, Z3-7, 12cm/up bulbs.

... read more
‘Paul Scherer’ Triumph
‘Paul Scherer’ Triumphsold out
6811 The darkest Triumph tulip. Purple-black with a straight-sided shape. Earlier than ‘Queen of Night’ but a very similar color. Contrasts wonderfully... read more
‘Pink Impression’ Darwin Hybrid
‘Pink Impression’ Darwin Hybridsold out
6820 Deep rose exterior with deep pink veins, light pink flames, and delicate pink edges; inside light pink and pale rose. Impressive, handsome tulip... read more
‘Prinses Irene’ Triumph
‘Prinses Irene’ Triumphsold out
6812 Wonderfully complex rich salmony-apricot-orange petals are finely etched with a plum-violet flame. Fragrant. Popular for forcing.

12–14" tall. Mid

... read more
‘Shirley’ Triumph
‘Shirley’ Triumphsold out
6813 Delicate marble-ivory with a fine purple edge that slowly widens into a broad lavender blush. Shows an evolving look each day.

18–20" tall. Mid

... read more

Late Tulips

‘Angelique’ Double
‘Angelique’ Doublesold out
6833 Shades of pastel pink and pale rose with lighter edges predominate this Double Late. This well-known fragrant and delicate-looking-but-sturdy... read more
‘Ballerina’ Lily
‘Ballerina’ Lilysold out
6828 Shimmering long-lasting tangerine Lily-flowered blooms subtly tinged with crimson and lemon. Incredibly lovely, with elegant reflexed petals, a... read more
‘Cum Laude’ Single
‘Cum Laude’ Singlesold out
6821 About as close to blue as you’re going to get in a tulip. Large flowers of campanula-violet with a slight wave at the edges. Marble-white base.

... read more
‘Dordogne’ Single
‘Dordogne’ Singlesold out
6822 Large and handsome goblet-shaped blooms on tall stems combine raspberry-rose petals with lighter yellow-orange edges. Study this one up close, as... read more
‘Esperanto’ Viridiflora
‘Esperanto’ Viridiflorasold out
6830 Red petals with flaming green midribs that appear almost chocolate in bright light. Leaves edged white. Long-lasting cutflower is especially... read more
‘Groenland’sold out
6831 Soft dusty rose-pink petals offset by soft green flames on the petal midribs. The green midribs of this Viridiflora feather off to a butter and... read more
‘Hella Lights’ Single
‘Hella Lights’ Singlesold out
6823 Big lemon-yellow flowers. Pair it with ‘Kingsblood’ for a quintessential tulip combination.

20–24" tall. Late Spring blooms, Z3-7, 12cm/up bulbs.

... read more
‘Kingsblood’ Single
‘Kingsblood’ Singlesold out
6824 Dark cherry-red with scarlet edges. One of the best reds: large and long lasting with sturdy stems.

20–24" tall. Late Spring blooms, Z3-7, 12cm/up

... read more
‘Maureen’ Single
‘Maureen’ Singlesold out
6825 Long marble-white blooms with pastel yellow undertones are stunning each year standing tall over our bed of forget-me-nots. The tallest white... read more
‘Menton’ Single
‘Menton’ Singlesold out
6826 A medium pink with hints of violet and a subtle but distinctive apricot edge. Salmon on the inside with a yellow base. A sport of Renown and a... read more
‘Miranda’ Double
‘Miranda’ Doublesold out
6834 Full bright red Double Late, with hints of yellow deep inside the center, and green hints outside at the base. The name Miranda means ‘worthy of... read more
‘Mount Tacoma’ Double
‘Mount Tacoma’ Doublesold out
6835 Pure white. One of the fullest Double Lates and a great complement to just about anything, whether in beds, borders, vases or sconces on the wall.... read more
‘Purple Peony’ Double
‘Purple Peony’ Doublesold out
6836 Saturated royal purple all the way through all petals inside and out. You’ll not find any (real) peonies in this color. Rich full Double Late... read more
‘Queen of Night’ Single
‘Queen of Night’ Singlesold out
6827 Called black, but really deep dark velvety purple-maroon with a hint of concord grape. For decades now, the standard “black” in the Single Late... read more
‘Rococo’ Parrot
‘Rococo’ Parrotsold out
6832 Carmine-red Parrot tulip with ruffled petal borders. Central ribs warmly splashed in shades of green and plum. Very showy. Bred from ‘Coleur... read more
‘Sunlover’ Double
‘Sunlover’ Doublesold out
6837 Magnificent fully doubled blooms start out golden-yellow with red highlights. The red markings increase until this Double Late begins to glow... read more
‘Très Chic’ Lily
‘Très Chic’ Lilysold out
6829 Elegant Lily-flowering blooms open creamy, turns pure white with hints of green at the base. Petals are slightly pointier and a cleaner,... read more

Species Tulips

‘Bronze Charm’
‘Bronze Charm’sold out
6701 Tulipa batalinii Soft sulphur yellow becoming subtly flushed with apricot. Delicate 2" miniature has more classic cup-type tulip shape than other... read more
‘Persian Pearl’
‘Persian Pearl’sold out
6704 Tulipa humilis Dusky magenta outside, lightly veined green. Inside deep violet-magenta with a bright yellow base. Opens wide in sun offering... read more
‘Van Tubergen’s Variety’sold out
6706 Tulipa praestans Like its cousin ‘Fusilier’, a brilliant scarlet-orange, with 2–3 flowers on each stem, and possibly several flowerstalks per... read more
Botanical Tulip Collectionsold out
6712 Six different species of tulips to ensure color throughout the spring and for years to come in rock gardens or “close-by” borders.

Contains sixty

... read more
Lady Tulip
Lady Tulipsold out
6702 Tulipa clusiana Pointed petals are white inside with a dusty crimson-pink exterior edged with white. Looks like candy when closed in the morning,... read more
Little Stars Rockgarden Species Tulip Mix
Little Stars Rockgarden Species Tulip Mixsold out
6711 Cheerful star-shaped multifloral tulips whose low-growing spreading habits make them perfect for a rock garden. Contains a mix of Tulipa tarda, T.... read more
Pulchella Violacea
Pulchella Violaceasold out
6707 Tulipa pulchella ‘Violacea’ Cup-shaped flowers are magenta-cherry red inside and out. Deep purple-black base inside appears when flowers open wide... read more
Tubergen’s Gem
Tubergen’s Gemsold out
6703 Tulipa clusiana var. chrysantha Rich golden yellow inside and out, accented with a large soft rose-crimson blush on the outer petals. Pointed... read more
Tulipa linifolia
Tulipa linifoliasold out
6705 Tulipa linifolia Pointy fluorescent scarlet petals on a purple-black base. Cup-shaped flower with petals that open fully in sun, close up at... read more
Tulipa saxatilis
Tulipa saxatilissold out
6708 Tulipa saxatilis Pointed lilac-pink petals with a prominent yellow base. 1–3 flowers per stem, long bright-green shiny leaves. Very easy to grow,... read more
Tulipa tarda
Tulipa tardasold out
6709 Tulipa tarda Star-shaped yellow flowers with white tips, outside white lightly flushed with dusky purple. Opens wide even on grey days. Very... read more
Tulipa turkestanica
Tulipa turkestanicasold out
6710 Tulipa turkestanica One of the earliest tulips to bloom. Graceful pendent flowers, up to 5 per stem, sway along slender stems like wildflowers... read more

Tulip Mixes

Burgundy and Gold Mixsold out
6855 A fascinating mix of lemon yellow and burnished gold with sultry maroon, burgundy and deep wine red; solids and bicolors with flames or edges in the... read more
Color Parade Tulip Mix
Color Parade Tulip Mixsold out
6851 A multi-colored mix of relatively short Kaufmanniana and Greigii tulips. Large bright low-growing flowers open wide in the sun, and perennialize... read more
Darwin Hybrid Jumbo Tulip Mix
Darwin Hybrid Jumbo Tulip Mixsold out
6859 A mix of yellow, red, apricot, white, pink and more. Long-lived bulbs produce large flowers for a long-lasting bouquet.

Darwin Hybrids are often

... read more
Darwin Hybrid Topsize Tulip Mix
Darwin Hybrid Topsize Tulip Mixsold out
6860 A mix of yellow, red, apricot, white, pink and more. Long-lived bulbs produce a perennially perfect long-lasting bouquet. Darwin Hybrids are often... read more
Double Early Tulip Mix
Double Early Tulip Mixsold out
6852 A sassy group for the front row of your garden beds and borders. Fully double flowers in bright colors atop relatively short sturdy 8-12" stems... read more
Double Late “Peony” Tulip Mix
Double Late “Peony” Tulip Mixsold out
6866 Pack peony-style petal power in a dramatic range of colors, from white and pastels to red and purple. Double Late tulips in solids, bicolors,... read more
Emperor Tulip Mix
Emperor Tulip Mixsold out
6853 A royal mix of big-flowered Fosterianas for big, bold, early color. Red, yellow, orange and more. We planted some outside the Fedco Trees... read more
Flash of Green Tulip Mix
Flash of Green Tulip Mixsold out
6863 A mix of four or more Viridiflora tulips, colors of china pink, scarlet red, lemon yellow and marble white, all with a distinctive spring-green... read more
Lily-Flowering Tulip Mix
Lily-Flowering Tulip Mixsold out
6864 High-waisted elegant flowers with pointed and lightly reflexed petals. Warm tones of red, orange, yellow, pink, and purple, for an eye-catching... read more
Non-Stop Reds Tulip Mix
Non-Stop Reds Tulip Mixsold out
6854 Celebrate spring with a long-lasting patch of bright red color. A blend of five or more varieties selected from early, mid and late tulips. Keep... read more
Parrot Tulip Mix
Parrot Tulip Mixsold out
6865 Riotous mix of colors that could match the squawk of the flock on Telegraph Hill. Red, white, yellow, magenta, pink, deep rose, and flames of... read more
Pastel Triumph Tulip Mix
Pastel Triumph Tulip Mixsold out
6856 Soft but not wishy-washy, just easy on the eyes. Pale peach, soft pink, lavender and more. This tranquil blend displays quiet beauty in the... read more
Princess Family Tulip Mix
Princess Family Tulip Mixsold out
6861 All the members of this family have the rich plum-violet rib flames and feathering of their parent, ‘Coleur Cardinal’, the well-known deep ... read more
Purple Rain Tulip Mix
Purple Rain Tulip Mixsold out
6857 Nothing Compares to U, so put on your Raspberry Beret and Let’s Go Crazy. Inspired by the memory of Prince, this mix of Triumphs in deep purple,... read more
Rembrandt-type Flaming Tulip Mix
Rembrandt-type Flaming Tulip Mixsold out
6862 Broken-color and flamed tulips, originally the result of a virus, were wildly popular in the early 1600s. Propagating infected plants is now... read more
Shock the Neighbors Tulip Mixsold out
6858 Our vibrant purple and orange combination will raise eyebrows among your neighbors who plant only red and yellow tulips. Huge Orange Emperor and... read more