‘Peter Stuyvesant’ Hyacinth


‘Peter Stuyvesant’ Hyacinth

Hyacinthus orientalis Deep blue to royal purple. Strong sun fades many dark varieties, but Peter holds color well. Also bred for strong stems to withstand hard wind and rain.

8–12" tall. Early Spring to Mid Spring blooms, Z4-8, 15-16cm bulbs.

6454 ‘Peter Stuyvesant’
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For best showing year after year, plant bulbs deep in rich well-drained soil in full sun and fertilize each fall. After the first year, especially without additional fertilizing, the florets may be slightly smaller and probably not as dense.

Note: Because a natural compound in the bulbs can cause hyacinth itch, wear gloves during planting, and wash with cold water and plain soap after handling the bulbs.

The heady fragrance and range of color make them a favorite in the spring. The wafts of perfume from around the yard are remarkable—even passers-by notice the scent. Grow them in the border in close bunches or meandering drifts. In the 19th century, hyacinths were more popular than either tulips or daffodils. An old Persian proverb says that if you have two loaves of bread, you should sell one to buy hyacinths.

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