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Highbush Blueberries
BluerayHighbush Blueberry
354 Vaccinium corymbosum Early-Mid. 4-6'. Large firm dark blue berries of high dessert quality in small clusters. Z4. read more
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ElizabethHighbush Blueberry
355 Vaccinium corymbosum Mid-Late. 5-6'. Dense clusters of large blueberries with a balanced flavor of sweet and tart. Z4. read more
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ElliottHighbush Blueberry
356 Vaccinium corymbosum Very Late. 4-6'. Loose clusters of medium-sized very firm mild-flavored light blue berries. Z4. read more
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FriendshipHighbush Blueberry
357 Mid-Late. 3-4'. Small-medium lowbush-highbush type selected for hardiness and sweet wild blueberry flavor. Attractive foliage in spring and fall. Z3-4. read more
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JerseyHighbush Blueberry
358 Vaccinium corymbosum Mid-Late. 5-7'. Medium-to-large dark blue berries in large loose clusters. Z4. read more
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NelsonHighbush Blueberry
359 5-6' Firm large dark blue berries in loose clusters taste great, similar to Bluecrop. Particularly vibrant red fall foliage. Z4. read more
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NorthblueHighbush Blueberry
360 Mid. 2-3'. Large very hardy highbush-lowbush cross, especially good for freezing and cooking. Sweet wild flavor. Compact plant. Z3. read more
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PatriotHighbush Blueberry
361 Vaccinium corymbosum Early-Mid. 4'. US3 Large firm blueberries with excellent flavor. Hardy. Z3. read more
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RubelHighbush Blueberry
362 Vaccinium corymbosum Mid. 5-7'. Small firm light blue tart berries are fantastic for processing, baking into pies and muffins, or fresh eating. Z4. read more
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St. Cloud
St. CloudHighbush Blueberry
363 Vaccinium corymbosum Early-Mid. 4'. Lowbush x highbush with firm dark blue medium-large highly flavorful sweet berries. Crisp texture, stores well in refrigeration. Z3. read more
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Lowbush Blueberries
Lowbush Blueberry Sod Squares
Lowbush Blueberry Sod SquaresLowbush Blueberry
353 Vaccinium angustifolium 6x6" sods from blueberry fields of Ewing Fruit Co. in Warren, ME. ME Grown. read more
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‘Stevens’ American Cranberry
‘Stevens’ American CranberryCranberry
585 Vaccinium macrocarpon The cranberry of holiday sauces, bread and jelly. Dense low lustrous evergreen groundcover loaded with large red berries in fall. Z2. ME Grown. read more
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L586 Vaccinium vitis-idaea 12-15". High yields of very large deep red berries. Vigorous upright slow grower. May fruit twice in one season. Z2. ME Grown. read more
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L587 Vaccinium vitis-idaea Produces heavy yields of small-to-medium berries. 8-12" high. Z2. ME Grown. read more
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L588 Vaccinium vitis-idaea 12-15". High-yielding upright plant produces very large berries. Slightly acid sweet fruit. ME Grown. read more
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L589 Vaccinium vitis-idaea 12". Berries smaller than other cultivars, but heavy cropper with high vigor bears in late September or early October. Z2. ME Grown. read more
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‘Red Pearl’
‘Red Pearl’Lingonberry
L590 Vaccinium vitis-idaea 12-18". Very adaptable fast-growing upright plant produces large berries. Somewhat lower yielding, but standard in commercial production as an excellent pollinator. ME Grown. read more
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‘Red Sunset’
‘Red Sunset’Lingonberry
L591 Vaccinium vitis-idaea 8-15''. Medium-to-large firm flavorful berries. Considered one of the most vigorous cultivars. ME Grown. read more
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L592 Vaccinium vitis-idaea 8-15". Highly ornamental upright plant produces firm small-to-medium berries with good flavor. Vigorous. ME Grown. read more
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L593 Vaccinium vitis-idaea 12". Medium-sized light red berries ripen in October and last for weeks. Lots of spreading rhizomes. Z2. ME Grown. read more
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L594 Vaccinium vitis-idaea 4-8". Tall and spreading vigorous bush with moderate yields of medium berries that fruit on branch tips. Great pollinator for other varieties. ME Grown. read more
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Lingonberry CollectionLingonberry
597 Vaccinium vitis-idaea Get your patch going and boost pollination with this collection of 4 plants, each a different variety. Great deal! ME Grown. read more
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