Ordering will resume for Fedco Trees when we release our 2019 catalog, in early October 2018.
Ordering will resume for Fedco Trees when we release our 2019 catalog, in early October 2018.
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Medicinal Perennials


Alpine Strawberry
Alpine StrawberryOrdering closed for the season
L763 Fragaria vesca Familiar compound leaves and white flowers followed by petite juicy sweet rich red berries from late spring till fall. Leave considered blood purifying and diuretic. 4-8" tall. Z3. ME Grown. read more


Everbearing Strawberries

AlbionOrdering closed for the season
L366 Everbearing strawberry with very large conical firm fruit, excellent flavor and good shelf life. Z4. read more
Mara des Bois
Everbearing Strawberry
Mara des BoisOrdering closed for the season
L370 Medium-small glossy red highly fragrant everbearing strawberry. Z4. read more
Everbearing Strawberry
SeascapeOrdering closed for the season
L371 Medium-to-long conic high-yielding firm productive reliable everbearing strawberry with bright red color and excellent flavor. Z3. read more

June-bearing Strawberries

June-bearing Strawberry
EarliglowOrdering closed for the season
L367 Early. Medium-sized berries, best for fresh eating and freezing. Excellent flavor for an early berry. Z3. read more
June-bearing Strawberry
HoneoyeOrdering closed for the season
L368 Early-Mid. Large conic bright red strawberries ripen over a long fruiting season. Easy to grow. The freezer-filler of the strawberry patch. Z3/4. read more
June-bearing Strawberry
JewelOrdering closed for the season
L369 Mid-Late. Large shiny red perfectly shaped strawberry is firm, sweet and slightly aromatic. Extremely popular with commercial growers. Good freezing quality. Z4. read more
June-bearing Strawberry
SparkleOrdering closed for the season
L372 Mid-Late. Smallish soft fruit with flavor that can only be described as the essence of strawberry. Delicious fresh eating and excellent for jams and freezing. Z3. read more