Ordering will resume for Fedco Trees when we release our 2019 catalog, in early October 2018.
Ordering will resume for Fedco Trees when we release our 2019 catalog, in early October 2018.
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Perennial Plants


‘Gay Paree’
‘Gay Paree’Ordering closed for the season
L729 Paeonia lactiflora Fragrant cerise-pink outer guard petals surround a creamy white center. Long-lasting elegant Japanese-type blooms; prime cutflowers. Mid-to-late season. 18-36" tall. ME Grown. read more
‘High Noon’
‘High Noon’Ordering closed for the season
L733 Paeonia suffruticosa Fragrant semi-double bright clear yellow blossoms span 6-9" across with red flares in the centers. read more
‘Karl Rosenfield’
‘Karl Rosenfield’Ordering closed for the season
L730 Paeonia lactiflora Dark velvety crimson inclining to purple. Double, immense, globular and solidly built. Very special. Midseason. 28-33" tall. Z3. read more
‘Moon River’
‘Moon River’Ordering closed for the season
L731 Paeonia lactiflora Delectable double cream-colored 8" blossoms with lovely light pink blush. Blissfully fragrant, near perfect in form and popular for wedding bouquets. Midseason blooms. 28" tall. read more
‘Pink Hawaiian Coral’
‘Pink Hawaiian Coral’Ordering closed for the season
L732 Paeonia lactiflora A symphony of coral, peach, melon and pink shades in semi-double form. Mature plants will show all shades at once on fragrant... read more

Tree Peonies

‘Kinkaku’Ordering closed for the season
L734 Paeonia suffruticosa Fully double blooms of yellow petals with orange edges, create an overall orange effect. Z4. read more
Maroon Tree Peony
Tree Peony
Maroon Tree PeonyOrdering closed for the season
L735 Paeonia suffruticosa Profusion of semi-double deep pink to burgundy blooms with yellow stamens. Z4. read more