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Perennial Plants


‘Always Afternoon’
L712 Hemerocallis Large rosy-purple blossoms with dark plum eye-rings, apple-green throats and subtly crimped dusky pink edges. Early season rebloomer. 22" tall. read more
‘Big Time Happy’
L713 Hemerocallis Sweetly scented 4" luminous canary-yellow flowers with slightly ruffled edges. Extended blooms and extra-early bloom time! 16" tall. read more
‘Carrick Wildon’
L714 Hemerocallis Ginormous 8" flowers on this triple-tone spider-type. Recurved petals display giant red edges that shift to bright orange with a yellow throat. Mid-late season blooms. 36" tall. read more
‘Moroccan Sunrise’
L715 Hemerocallis Luscious 6" lavender-rose blossoms with a thin golden edge and creamy white and yellow-green throats. Exquisite early season blooms! 20" tall. read more
‘Passionate Returns’
L716 Hemerocallis Fragrant 4" bright clear super-rosy-red blossoms with golden-yellow throats. Long season blooms from early summer through fall! 17" tall. read more