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Cornelian Cherries
‘Elegant’Cornelian Cherry
455 Cornus mas Selected for good fresh-eating flavor. 1¼" fruit has slender elongate shape. Soft flesh is tricky to pit so best eaten out of hand. ME Grown. read more
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‘Pioneer’Cornelian Cherry
456 Cornus mas More tart than Elegant but better for processing. Fruits mature to about 1½" long and have a pronounced fat pear shape. Firm flesh is easy to pit. ME Grown. read more
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Cornelian Cherry Seedlings
Cornelian Cherry SeedlingsCornelian Cherry
457 Cornus mas Each one will be unique. Plant several for genetic diversity. They will pollinate each other and any named cornelian cherry cultivar. ME Grown. read more
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Small Trees and Shrubs
Kousa Dogwood Seedling
Kousa Dogwood SeedlingDogwood
454 Cornus kousa var. chinensis 20-30' x same. Horizontally spreading small tree with layers of 3-5" milky-white blossoms for up to 6 weeks in early summer. Edible fruit. Scarlet-orange-yellow fall foliage. Z4. ME Grown. read more
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Pagoda Dogwood
Pagoda DogwoodDogwood
452 Cornus alternifolia 20' x 30-35'. Small tree or large multi-stemmed shrub with tiers of horizontal branches and fragrant white 2-3" flower clusters. Z3. ME Grown. read more
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Silky DogwoodDogwood
453 Cornus amomum 8-12' x same. Large rounded rangy shrub wonderful en masse for windbreaks, erosion control, wildlife habitat. Creamy white cymes in late spring; blue berries midsummer. Z4. ME Grown. read more
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Redosier Dogwood
Redosier DogwoodDogwood
458 Cornus sericea 8-10'. Broad loosely rounded multi-stemmed spreading shrub excellent for hedges and borders. Red stems admirable in the winter. Valuable native wildlife plant. Z2. ME Grown. read more
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