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Highbush Blueberries
BluerayHighbush Blueberry
354 Vaccinium corymbosum Early-Mid. 4-6'. Large firm dark blue berries of high dessert quality in small clusters. Z4. read more
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ElizabethHighbush Blueberry
355 Vaccinium corymbosum Mid-Late. 5-6'. Dense clusters of large blueberries with a balanced flavor of sweet and tart. Z4. read more
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ElliottHighbush Blueberry
356 Vaccinium corymbosum Very Late. 4-6'. Loose clusters of medium-sized very firm mild-flavored light blue berries. Z4. read more
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FriendshipHighbush Blueberry
357 Mid-Late. 3-4'. Small-medium lowbush-highbush type selected for hardiness and sweet wild blueberry flavor. Attractive foliage in spring and fall. Z3-4. read more
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JerseyHighbush Blueberry
358 Vaccinium corymbosum Mid-Late. 5-7'. Medium-to-large dark blue berries in large loose clusters. Z4. read more
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NelsonHighbush Blueberry
359 5-6' Firm large dark blue berries in loose clusters taste great, similar to Bluecrop. Particularly vibrant red fall foliage. Z4. read more
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NorthblueHighbush Blueberry
360 Mid. 2-3'. Large very hardy highbush-lowbush cross, especially good for freezing and cooking. Sweet wild flavor. Compact plant. Z3. read more
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PatriotHighbush Blueberry
361 Vaccinium corymbosum Early-Mid. 4'. US3 Large firm blueberries with excellent flavor. Hardy. Z3. read more
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RubelHighbush Blueberry
362 Vaccinium corymbosum Mid. 5-7'. Small firm light blue tart berries are fantastic for processing, baking into pies and muffins, or fresh eating. Z4. read more
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St. Cloud
St. CloudHighbush Blueberry
363 Vaccinium corymbosum Early-Mid. 4'. Lowbush x highbush with firm dark blue medium-large highly flavorful sweet berries. Crisp texture, stores well in refrigeration. Z3. read more
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Lowbush Blueberries
Lowbush Blueberry Sod Squares
Lowbush Blueberry Sod SquaresLowbush Blueberry
353 Vaccinium angustifolium 6x6" sods from blueberry fields of Ewing Fruit Co. in Warren, ME. ME Grown. read more
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Cane Fruit
Black Raspberries
BristolBlack Raspberry
348 Midsummer. Medium-large fruit with excellent sweet blackberry-like flavor very distinct from reds. Hardy, vigorous and high-yielding. Z4. read more
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350 Midsummer. Moderately large and quite juicy fruit with true blackberry taste. Highly productive. Z4, maybe Zone 3. ME Grown. read more
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Everbearing Raspberries
AnneEverbearing Raspberry
341 Late. Everbearing sweet flavorful pale yellow raspberry. Large cohesive firm conic fruit stores decently. Z4. read more
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August Red
August RedEverbearing Raspberry
342 Late. Medium-large crimson everbearing raspberry has excellent flavor. Rare. Compact bush. Z3. ME Grown. read more
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PolanaEverbearing Raspberry
343 Late. Very early fruiting large firm everbearing red raspberry. Good flavor. Vigorous and productive short canes. Z4. read more
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Summer-bearing Raspberries
BoyneSummer-bearing Raspberry
344 Early-Mid. Round-conic medium-sized raspberries with an intense deep dark almost purple color. Strong aromatic tart flavor and perfect medium-soft texture. Z3. read more
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KillarneySummer-bearing Raspberry
345 Early. Medium-to-large crumbly fruit of excellent quality over a long season. Same parentage as Boyne but firmer texture and brighter color. Z4. read more
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LathamSummer-bearing Raspberry
346 Mid. Large bright red 1" raspberries are roundish, firm, a little crumbly and sweet, full-flavored and aromatic. Great for fresh eating, canning, freezing, jam, juice or pie. Z3. read more
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Royalty Purple
Royalty PurpleSummer-bearing Raspberry
347 Mid. Cohesive fairly firm large red raspberries Distinctive flavor for fresh eating; outstanding for jam and jelly. Z3/4. read more
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Everbearing Strawberries
AlbionEverbearing Strawberry
L366 Everbearing strawberry with very large conical firm fruit, excellent flavor and good shelf life. Z4. read more
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Mara des Bois
Mara des BoisEverbearing Strawberry
L370 Medium-small glossy red highly fragrant everbearing strawberry. Z4. read more
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SeascapeEverbearing Strawberry
L371 Medium-to-long conic high-yielding firm productive reliable everbearing strawberry with bright red color and excellent flavor. Z3. read more
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June-bearing Strawberries
EarliglowJune-bearing Strawberry
L367 Early. Medium-sized berries, best for fresh eating and freezing. Excellent flavor for an early berry. Z3. read more
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HoneoyeJune-bearing Strawberry
L368 Early-Mid. Large conic bright red strawberries ripen over a long fruiting season. Easy to grow. The freezer-filler of the strawberry patch. Z3/4. read more
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JewelJune-bearing Strawberry
L369 Mid-Late. Large shiny red perfectly shaped strawberry is firm, sweet and slightly aromatic. Extremely popular with commercial growers. Good freezing quality. Z4. read more
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SparkleJune-bearing Strawberry
L372 Mid-Late. Smallish soft fruit with flavor that can only be described as the essence of strawberry. Delicious fresh eating and excellent for jams and freezing. Z3. read more
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